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It can be a headache to create a secure unique password for every account and then memorizing it. Imagine the horror when you’re locked out because you can’t remember the password. In this post, I’ll be sharing the five best password managers for Windows for an ultimate solution for you.

1Password costs $3 per month ($36 per year, $60 a year for families). There is a 30-day free trial After signing up, download the app for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, or Linux.

A password manager will essentially create secure passwords, organize them and store it all in one safe vault which only you can access using a master password.

Phew! That’s easy. Rather than remembering 50 unique passwords, all you have to do is memorize one single master password. It’s your pick.

Now, let me start by sharing what precisely a password manager is. Let’s start.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is primarily a software or a program that is an excellent utility for securing your online identity and sensitive data online. For starters, a password manager can create secure passwords for multiple accounts you hold and memorize it for you. These strong passwords will act as a shield protecting you from cyber attacks and hackers.

Further, it organizes these strong passwords at one place which can be either a cloud-storage, local storage or a removable disk. These password managers also remember all your information by filling in the credentials automatically when you wish to log in to any app or website. Moreover, the best password managers in the market have many advanced features as well.

These out-of-the-box features include cross-platform support, cross-browser sync, and multifactor authentication, to name just a few. Many password managers also audit your existing passwords to ensure they are secure enough to use online.

In case, your account gets compromised, it can also replace the old password with a new one to prevent further damage.

Now, that I have covered just about everything a password manager can do for you, I think it would be wise for you to invest in a good password manager that comes with additional security tools like encryption mechanism for sharing your password with emergency contacts and organize your passwords in a secure place.

Let’s start with the list of the best password managers for Windows 10 to secure your passwords and memorize them effortlessly.

List of Best Password Managers for Windows

Overall Rating★★★★★
Free VersionAvailable
Overall Rating★★★★★
Free Version Available
Price $34.99/year
Overall Rating★★★★★
Free Version Unavailable
Price $35.88/year
Overall Rating★★★★☆
Free Version Available
Price $36-$48/year

1password Free App

1password 1 year free 2020
Overall Rating ★★★★☆
Free Version Available
Price $59.99/year
Overall Rating ★★★★☆
Free Version Available
Price Free
Overall Rating ★★★☆☆
Free Version Available
Price $23.88/year
Overall Rating ★★★☆☆
Free Version Available
Price $29.99/year


Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that can generate and save your passwords across platforms. It is basically free but also comes with the premium version with some advanced options. It effectively balances the features set of free and paid versions. Bitwarden has advanced multi-factor authentication. The basic premium version would only cost you $10 for a year. There is also a family subscription plan, which costs $40 per year.

  • Supports all major platforms and browsers
  • Two-factor authentication is done using Yubikey or FIDO.
  • Compared to its competitors, it is inexpensive, without compromising on the quality.
  • Basic sharing is included in the $10 plan, but full secure sharing costs extra
  • iOS support is limited

1password Free Version

1password Free 1 Year


Keeper is one of the best password managers that secure your login details through many security features such as robust two-factor authentication support, good sharing capabilities, and full password histories. It also provides a free version, but that is limited to only one device use. So that is a limitation, but its premium version is worth its price. With its modern design, it is quite sleek across all platforms. The premium version costs $34.99 annually.

  • Cross-platform syncing is quite smooth with well-designed extensions and apps.
  • Password sharing and inheritance are secure.
  • You also get optional file storage and messaging
  • Strong two-factor authentication
  • The free version is limited to only a single device


1Password is one of the best managers to keep your login information secure. It can sync your passwords across all devices and platforms. It is straightforward to use and does not have any complicated or confusing options. 1Password also lets you generate strong passwords and replace your existing weak ones. However, it lacks a free version but comes with a 14-days free trial.

  • Available for all the popular browsers and OS like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.
  • A simple method to authenticate while adding a new device.
  • Support two-factor authentication
  • User-friendly interface
  • Import options are limited
  • Password inheritance feature not available.
  • Sharing is limited



LastPass is the password manager that comes with the best free version. Many of its free version features are only available in the premium versions of its competitors. If you are worried about cloud storage safety, LastPass primarily safeguards your data using AES 256-bit encryption and salted hashes to ensure security in the cloud. Like other password managers, it creates secure passwords for you and audits your current passwords to find weak ones and prompts to generate secure passwords for you, and memorizes them on your behalf. The two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your LastPass vault. You can also rest assured of your data’s safety on all devices with its cross-platform and cross-device support.

  • The free version is very effective
  • Supports multiple platforms, devices, and browsers
  • Support two-factor authentication
  • Password strength report and dark web monitoring tools
  • An effective 2FA
  • Auto form-filling is not robust
  • Password inheritance feature not available.
  • It does not update regularly


Dashlane is another excellent password manager that comes with both free and premium versions. With Dashlane free version, you can generate strong and secure passwords for your accounts and store 50 passwords on your favorite device. Other features in the free version include security and breach alerts to notify you if hackers have access to your account. Further, you can change the password from within the classic and effortless UI with just a few clicks. With the free version, you won’t get the cross-platform synchronization and only share five of your accounts.

With the premium version, you can access additional features like VPN protection, 2-factor authentication, unlimited password sharing, secure account backup, and sync across various devices. It will cost you $59.99 for an annual subscription.

  • Premium version can sync across all your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices
  • Comes with VPN protection
  • Scans Dark Web for compromised accounts
  • It offers all the basic and advanced features of a password manager
  • It is a bit expensive than its competitors
  • The free version does not support sync across devices


If you are a fan of open-source and freeware products, your search ends here. Meet KeePassXC Password safe – the best open-source, freeware, and lightweight password manager for you. KeePass offers multi-language support for over 45 languages and secures all your passwords with an AES 256-bit encryption. You can input seed characters, and KeePassXC will create random secure passwords for you. Unlike other password managers, KeePass is portable that can be carried on a USB stick and run on Windows without any installation. However, this password manager is more suitable for advanced users because of its complicated UI.

  • It is entirely open-source, so free to use
  • Light-weight still robust
  • Multi-language support
  • It is portable; that is, you can carry it everywhere on Pendrive or hard drive.
  • Complicated UI makes it difficult for beginners and non-tech users

Cost Of 1password

Roboform Everywhere

Roboform Everywhere has been around for a long time since the advent of auto-fill tools and password managers. Roboform automatically remembers your passwords, allows one-click login, auto-fills web forms, and organizes all your passwords (be it 100 or 1000) efficiently in one place. With Roboform, you can generate random strong passwords for every site and ensure protection from dictionary attacks, brute force, and other cyber threats. It also supports multiple identities and offers both online and offline password management. Roboform Everywhere premium would cost you $23.88 per year.

Is 1password Free

  • One of the oldest and reliable password vault
  • Create and save the strong/robust passwords for your accounts
  • Comes with digital inheritance and secure file sharing
  • Portable
  • Requires paid subscription for two-factor authentication
  • Features are less as compared to competitors

Sticky Password

1password free year

Sticky Password Manager is a secure password manager and form-filler, which saves all your passwords and remembers them for you. You can generate extra-strong new passwords whenever you need them and let sticky password remember them and auto-fill for you. It can even store your credit card numbers for express checkout. The free version does not allow cross-device syncing and password sharing. The premium version costs $29.99 per year.

1password Family Free 1 Year

  • Premium version allows to sync passwords across devices.
  • It also manages applications password
  • WiFi sync option is also available
  • Supports two-factor authentication
  • No cross-device syncing available in the free version
  • Digital inheritance unavailable
Why should I use a password manager?

If you tends to forget passwords and could not create a strong password than a password manager can do that for you. A good Password Manager can lower your burden of remembering and filling the login details on your different account.

Can my password manager get hacked?

It is very DIFFICULT to hack a password manager since most of them uses a strong 256-bit AES, or equivalent encryption method. A hacker would need an extraordinarily powerful supercomputer to steal your data. BUT, if your master password is weak then your password vault could be hacked easily.