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1Password has easy-to-use, polished apps that will work on Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and the major Web browsers. Its Watchtower feature helps you identify. 1Password: the password manager that's as beautiful and simple as it is secure. Simply add your passwords, and let 1Password do the rest. Try 1Password free for 14 days, then keep going with a 1Password.com subscription. Selected by Android Central as the Best Password Manager for Android: 'For those who want the absolute best password manager for their phone, tablet, and computers, 1Password. 1Password for Open Source Projects. We rely on open source software every day to develop 1Password. It's fair to say that 1Password wouldn't exist without the open source community, so we want to give back and help teams be more productive and secure. Learn how to set up and use 1Password, troubleshoot problems, and contact support. 1Password is for more than just passwords: it’s the ideal place for financial information, personal documentation, or anything you need to keep secure and accessible. Store information in more than a dozen categories: logins, credit cards, addresses, notes.

Get help with your subscription if you signed up in the 1Password app on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

To learn how to manage your subscription with Apple, see the Apple Support article:

About in-app purchase subscriptions

When you start your subscription to 1Password using an in-app purchase on your Mac or iOS device, you can manage your subscription with Apple. You can:

  • See when your subscription will renew automatically
  • Choose monthly or annual billing
  • Cancel your subscription

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When you start your subscription to 1Password using an in-app purchase, you won’t be able to manage your subscription on 1Password.com.

1password India


If you don’t see your 1Password subscription in the App Store (Mac) or Settings app (iOS), make sure you’re signed in with the correct Apple ID. If so, you might have started your subscription on 1Password.com and not using an in-app purchase. Learn how to manage your subscription on 1Password.com.

Only individual and family subscriptions are available with an in-app purchase. You cannot change your account type after you’ve started your subscription.

If you want to switch between monthly and annual billing, view your subscriptions with Apple and choose 1Password. Select monthly or annual billing.

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