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Fluid publishing powerhouse. Optimised for the latest tech on Windows and Mac – and chosen by Apple as its Mac App of the Year – Affinity Publisher is the next generation of professional publishing software. From books, magazines and marketing materials, to social media templates, website mock-ups and more, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app gives you the power to combine your images, graphics. You can create affinity diagrams by inserting sticky notes using PowerPoint shapes into the slide or prepare the affinity diagram using 3rd party tools and then exporting the outcome as a picture or vector before it can be inserted into the slides. The advantage of using a 3rd. Party tool is that you can keep the original file document for. Affinity Publisher helps us do all of our print design work for our clients, including seminar stands, marketing flyers, and even billboards. Read full review. Director in Product Management. Internet Company, 11-50 employees. View all 3 answers on this topic. 20+ Affinity Publisher Tutorials (Including Free Affinity Publisher Templates!) If you're interested in mastering Affinity Publisher, here are over 20 Affinity Publisher tutorials that you must see, followed by a selection of FREE. ‘Learn Affinity Publisher from scratch’ is a Complete course to Master this application. You will learn the following: About interface of Affinity Publisher. Setting up a document. Inserting and formatting text. Using paragraph and character styles. Creating and using pages. Using master pages.

Affinity Publisher is a powerful design app available for Mac and Windows. It’s a standalone tool that is made for creating printed projects, such as magazines, brochures, posters, and other collateral pieces.

Use it to combine images and other graphic elements to create outstanding layouts for publishing. Whether you are new to Affinity Publisher or not, great tutorials can help you master specific or general skills to help you make the most of the tool. Here, we’ve collected some of the best to help you jumpstart projects.

How to Use Affinity Publisher

If you are new to Affinity Publisher, start with the basics. This video tutorial offers a quick overview of how to use basic tools and set up documents. It’s the perfect guide for new users and you can get everything you need to start using the software in about 30 minutes.

7 Best Beginner Tips

Nothing makes learning software easier than a few key tips that will speed up your productivity and have you using Affinity Publisher like a pro. This video is packed with 7 great tips in just 11 minutes. It will walk you through setting margin and bleed, changing hyphenation, warping text, and more.

Publisher Master Pages

Anyone who works with larger or multi-page layouts will understand the value of creating master pages for a project. Affinity Publisher includes this feature, This video shows you how master pages work and walks through some practical uses if you aren’t familiar with usage. (Hint: Master pages allow you to repeats elements of the design throughout documents without duplicating r copy and pasting objects.)

How to Import InDesign Templates to Affinity Publisher

Most Affinity Publisher users are likely coming from Adobe InDesign unless you are just getting started with designing publications. If that’s the case, you probably have files and templates that you want to move from InDesign to Publisher. This tutorial takes you through how to import different native InDesign file types and use them right away, including how to export from InDesign.

Working with Color

Elaine Giles offers live streaming tutorials and then archives the videos so you can learn on your own time. This recording of the live stream is a lesson on how to use color in Affinity Publisher. The video runs more than 2 hours and is a wholly comprehensive look at everything you need to make the right color choices, including using the color picker tool, working with palettes, using afpalette files and Adobe swatches, and more.

How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure in Affinity Publisher

Creating a tri-fold brochure is one of the most common print design asks. This common format is used almost universally by all types of industries and organizations. This tutorial takes you through the entire setup and design process in Affinity Publisher and even has a downloadable file that you can use to follow along.

Using Baseline Grids

A consistent baseline grid ensures that text lines up vertically in a text frame, table, or document. It’s one of the pro tips that print designers use to make large text documents look great. This 7-minute video shows you how to set up a baseline grid in Affinity Publisher.

Working with Images in Affinity Publisher

Bring images into a new document using each of the tool options available. Image tools include the ability to place actual images or placeholders. The quick tutorial shows all the basics of using images in less than 8 minutes.

Text Wrapping in Affinity Publisher

Text wrapping allows you to create a polished merging of images and text on the same page. This Affinity Publisher tutorial shows you how to prepare photos for perfect text wrapping and customize wrap outlines for a perfect finish.

Affinity Publisher Tables

Using tables can be a valuable tool for a lot of different types of design projects. Sometimes the first time using them can be a little clunky. This video takes the worry out of using data in a structured way. The 15-minute Affinity Publisher tutorial will have you designing tables like a pro.

How to Design a Book Cover in Affinity Publisher

Learn how to make a book cover – for printed or digital publishing – in Affinity Publisher. This tutorial takes you through design concepts such as choosing artwork, putting fonts together, and tips for the cover design. Olivio Sarikas does it all in Affinity Publisher in a manner that’s designed for beginners.

How to Make a Menu Template in Affinity Publisher

Are you interested in making design templates that you can reuse in Affinity Publisher? This tutorial uses a restaurant menu as an example, but you can apply the steps and practices to almost any type or size or design.

Composing an Editorial Layout in Affinity Publisher

Product expert Emily Goater shows how easy it is to create eye-catching covers, simple and effective inside covers and stand-out feature pages in Affinity Publisher. The lesson lasts about an hour but provides plenty of information to help you make the most of the tool for project publishing, as well as tips for using the iPad version of the software.

How to Collect Resources in Affinity Publisher

This short video lesson shows you how to move linked images in Affinity Publisher to a central file location for easier project management and portability. Don’t forget to collect all images and fonts when packaging files for printing.

PDF Publishing for the Web

Not all projects designing in Affinity Publisher are printed; many of these jobs are exported to PDF for digital publication. This tutorial shows you how to convert files into web-ready, RGB PDFs (even if you designed in CMYK with printing in mind).

Affinity Publisher Templates

Affinity Publisher Powerpoint Free

In this feature, we've covered the basics of Affinity Publisher with tutorials and software comparisons, as well as the best Affinity Publisher templates.

Welcome back to my Low-Content Publishing Design Tutorial Series!

In case you’ve missed my other Affinity Publisher tutorials, this program is a professional level desktop publishing software ideal for creating your LC book cover and interior files. In fact, Affinity Publisher has most of the features you’d get by purchasing InDesign—the desktop publishing industry standard—at a fraction of the cost.

But Affinity Publisher won’t just help you create professional-looking interior files; it will also help you edit PDF templates that you purchase elsewhere, and are now looking to customize.

Customizing purchased templates is something you’ll definitely want to do in order to:

  • Differentiate yourself from others using the same templates
  • Target specific sub-niches, either by adding components like text or images to the template that might resonate with a particular audience, or by customizing fonts or other design elements to create a different look and feel that resonates with a particular audience
Affinity publisher powerpoint templates

Alright, let’s fire up Affinity Publisher so I can show you how to make changes to your PDF templates, as well as how to overcome a few of the challenges you might face when doing so.

Let’s dive right in!

What program do you use to design your LCB covers and interiors? Tell me in the comments below!

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Affinity Publisher Powerpoint