Align Code In Visual Studio Code


Port of the C# Code base to TypeScript

Code alignment is the practice of formatting your code vertically to improve readability.

Based on principles borrowed from mathematics and other disciplines, code alignment gives extra meaning to your code by lining up similar data in columns. This is something we do naturally when working with tables and spreadsheets, but unfortunately it doesn't get applied to code often enough.

The usual excuses are, 'It's too hard. It takes too long. They don't pay me enough.' With this extension, these excuses are no longer valid.

##Current StateMany of Code alignment's best features are currently missing. The plan is to release early and release often, and to eventually reach parity.

Main code alignment repository:

Build Server:

How to use

To use:

  • Open a file with some lines
  • Select the lines which you want to align (Or use Auto scope selection)
  • Press F1 and type 'Code Alignment' to bring up options.
CodeAlign Code In Visual Studio Code

Prettier (VSCode) does a great job beautifying my code on save. There is one feature that I consider important in code formatting which I can't find in Prettier. I want to align chars =,:, =>.


Code Alignment In Visual Studio Code Shortcut Key

  • Automatically formatting code in Android Studio and IntelliJ. Install the Dart plugin (see Editor setup) to get automatic formatting of code in Android Studio and IntelliJ. To automatically format your code in the current source code window, use Cmd+Alt+L (on Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+L (on Windows and Linux).
  • Is there an easy way to align the shortcut key mappings from Visual Studio with Visual Studio Code? Visual Studio auto-format document. Visual Studio Code auto-format document. CTRL + SHIFT + F I want to replace this with the above shortcut.