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The AnyDesk is the remote desktop application available for the macOS, Linux and Windows systems. It provides easy to install and use options for remote users.

To install AnyDesk on your Mac, you click on the blue question mark in the upper right corner of Shiftbase. A window will pop up as shown below. Here, you click on AnyDesk (osx) right under Remote support. Once the.dmg file is dowloaded, you open it.

Anydesk mac permissions
  1. Platforms Supported by AnyDesk You can download AnyDesk for Windows 10, OS X, Linux (and FreeBSD), as well as for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. There are even versions for less popular platforms, like Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, or tvOS by Apple. On the other hand, some of these are only available as clients, not as servers.
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  3. Both clients can set Permissions prior to or during a session. The incoming client is being viewed and controlled. Next to the session permissions available in the accept window on the incoming client and the session settings of the Main window of the outgoing client during session, standard permissions are set in the security tab of the settings for each client.

The homebrew may not have updated AnyDesk version. So, all the macOS users are suggested to install it directly from the apple store. But, if you still like to install Anydesk on macOS using homebrew, follow this tutorial.


  • Terminal: You must have macOS terminal access and little knowledge about working with the command line.
  • Homebrew: Homebrew is a popular package management tools used for installing most open source software like Node. Here is the Homebrew installation tutorial

Install AnyDesk on macOS

AnyDesk package is available under the homebrew cask. As you have already installed homebrew on your system. Le’s open a terminal and execute the following command to install AnyDesk on macOS system.

Wait for the installation finish.

That’s it. You have successfully installed Anydesk on macOS system.

Anydesk apple mac free

Start AnyDesk Application


Start the spotlight search tool and enter “anydesk”. This will show you the Anydesk launcher icon, click the icon to start Anydesk on your macOS system.

You can also launch the application using launchpad (3 icon in Dock, a gray icon with a rocket ship).

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Anydesk Mac Permissions

Anydesk Apple Mac

Anydesk Apple App Store

This tutorial helped you to install AnyDesk on macOS system using homebrew.