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AnyDesk remote desktop is an intuitive and light remote access solution that stands for simplicity and performance. If you’re unsure if TeamViewer is still the right fit for you or your company, consider trying AnyDesk as an alternative.


AnyDesk wakes devices set to Sleep Mode, given that at least one device running AnyDesk is available in the local network of the incoming client.

  1. Connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for.
  2. AnyDesk is a remote desktop software developed by AnyDesk Software. It provides bidirectional remote access between personal computers and is available for a.

AnyDesk vs. TeamViewer

What makes AnyDesk stand out compared to TeamViewer? A quick summary:

  • AnyDesk offers lower latency than TeamViewer
  • AnyDesk connects faster, is more stable and has an overall better performance than TeamViewer, even at low bandwidths
  • AnyDesk offers a self-hosted, on-premises solution that keeps all data within your organization
  • AnyDesk’s free web client provides all users with remote device access directly from the browser
  • AnyDesk offers free mobile usage with no added fees
  • AnyDesk is more intuitive and easier to use

Proven Superior Performance

AnyDesk was rated highest in two independent benchmark tests.

16 ms

2. Windows Remote

35 PtsScienceSoft-Ranking1

2. TeamViewer

44 Pts

1 Based on Frame Rate, Latency, Bandwidth, Frame Size

Anydesk Pc Sleep

AnyDesk On-Premises

For the ultimate security ensuring data never leaves your organization at any point.

Build your own in-house network and eliminate any communication with our servers.

Install our network-appliance on your own server so your network stays private.

Remain independent from our servers and network by keeping your data in-house.

“Great speed and quality service from all the employees I've been in contact with. I would expect this product to become the #1 'go to' solution for both existing customers of competing products and new prospects looking for a solution such as this!” —Patrick M. on G2

DeskRT – The Essence of AnyDesk

What makes AnyDesk so special? Our proprietary DeskRT codec is what makes AnyDesk such a great alternative to TeamViewer. It’s a video codec that allows for stable and almost latency-free data transfer, even in areas with low bandwidths. No other solution can offer this level of reliability. It allows our remote desktop tool to work smoothly and without lag, making it seem as if you’re sitting right in front of your remote device.

All the Features You Need – No More, No Less

Remote desktop software can get confusing and cumbersome quickly. We want to make sure you get a lean solution, so that all the features you need are quickly at hand. AnyDesk is simple to download and install and very intuitive to use. Even less tech-savvy users will be able to make the most of it. No more complicated installation processes or confusing features that bog down the experience. Only speed and straightforward tools.

AnyDesk offers high performance at an incredibly low latency thanks to our innovative DeskRT video codec. This ensures a stable connection and smooth working, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.

No matter where you are, no matter what device you use, AnyDesk is here for you and your remote desktop needs — across all platforms. Thanks to mobile plugins, even smartphones can be accessed from afar. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect license for your needs.

You stay in control. Banking-standard security and added encryption of our software is just the beginning. In-app, AnyDesk offers many security settings, barring anyone you don’t know from contacting you and limiting their access permissions.

Ready to get started?

Note: Applies for Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur.

AnyDesk may only receive sessions when Accessibility and Screen Recording permission is granted by the macOS system.
Add AnyDesk to trusted apps in order to work correctly.

permission reminder
AnyDesk requires security permissions from macOS for remote input, screen recording and disc access.
Click Configure to open macos system preferences and set permissions for AnyDesk accordingly.
system permission request
Click System Preferences to open Security & Privacy
macOS system preferences
1. Unlock Security & Privacy by clicking the lock.

2. Switch to the Privacy tab.
3. Grant required permissions by adding AnyDesk to trusted apps in section Accessibility,Full Disk Access and Screen Recording.

Note: Permission for Full Disk Access is optional, but required to use the File Transfer Mode.

Accessing system preferences manually

Anydesk Pc To Mac

Set the permissions for AnyDesk in the Privacy Tab of Security & Privacy.
Security & Privacy is located in System Preferences on MacOS.
There are several methods to get there:

Any Desk In Pc Download

Apple Menu
Apple Launchpad
Click the Apple menu and choose

System Preferences...

Type System Preferences

in the Launchpad and confirm with enter.

Apple Dock
Open System Preferences from the Dock.

Anydesk Pc To Mobile