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When thinking about buying their license, our clients often ask about AnyDesk Enterprise. Why should I buy Enterprise instead of Professional? Is it truly autonomous with own server? Can I use it internally and externally? Are the updates included? Find all your answers and further information in this article..


Windows Firewall. If the TCP-Listening Port is enabled on AnyDesk clients that are not yet installed hence run portable, the Windows Firewall will asked for permission on the first session request. Disable the TCP-Listening Port in your custom client to avoid the message for portable clients. Note: Disabled TCP-Listening Port lowers the ability to establish direct connections.

  • My father is using a Mac laptop with the free Version 6.0.1 of Anydesk. I have 2 factor enabled on his end. For a while I connected without problems and the OTP 2 factor worked fine. Lately I've been having problems. I can connect using either Windows (v. 6.3.4) or Mac (6.1.1) and it accepts the password, but rejects the OTP 2 factor code every.
  • Apr 17, 2021 b) Try Alt + Tab on the new-connected keyboard. 1 Excel formulas not working properly; Sage 300 CRE Print to Excel not working; Keyboard not working after upgrade from Win7 to AnyDesk is a great choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive, easy to use remote access solution. Keys not working properly.
  • I have a problem with anydesk, i have 2 clients one for outbound connections and one for inbound conections. I need: for the outbound client to connect with a password. For the inbound client accept the interactive access (the user in the inbound connection have accept the connection button).
  • Vice versa, you can ask for help via the application. All you need is AnyDesk download for laptop or PC. Then install the server part and grant the client access to it. If there are users at both the client and the server device, they can communicate using a built-in chat.

What is AnyDesk Enterprise?

AnyDesk Enterprise is our corporate solution that comes with its own dedicated communication server. It allows you to operate your own independent AnyDesk network instead of using our worldwide server network. AnyDesk Enterprise is licensed as an appliance with an annual maintenance agreement.

Why should I buy Enterprise instead of Professional?

The Enterprise appliance is particularly interesting for large corporations or public bodies with special requirements regarding data security. For instance, many large corporations have IT guidelines that don’t allow software that communicates with third party servers to be installed on their desktop computers. Furthermore, if you operate a large network and require many simultaneous connections, Enterprise may also work out more economically feasible.

So, does it have the same features as Professional?

Yes, AnyDesk Enterprise has the same features, only better: it comes with its own unlimited namespace and a custom client that connects only to your own AnyDesk Enterprise server. It also features your own myAnyDesk portal.

Is it truly autonomous?

Yes. Neither the customized AnyDesk clients nor the appliance server exchange a single byte with our servers. License checking is done cryptographically and offline. Therefore, it can also operate in local networks without internet access.

Can I use it internally and externally?

Yes, you can use AnyDesk for internal connections, for instance to provide in-house support within your network, and externally to connect with your clients. AnyDesk Enterprise allows for different internal and external server IP addresses, so you can install it within your DMZ.

Do I need special hardware and software?

No, a regular server VM running Linux will suffice. It should have a minimum of 2 vcores and 4 GB vRAM. You will need approx. 20 GB virtual hard drive space. We support the following Linux distributions: Debian 7 and 8, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS, CentOS 6.x and 7.x, Fedora 23, RHEL 6 and 7, and SLES 12. If you’re not sure which one to pick, we recommend Debian 8.

Can I include the appliance in my infrastructure monitoring?

Yes. The appliance can be integrated with Nagios/Icinga monitoring and is in general very friendly for scripting. Syslog support is a planned feature.

What about performance?

The performance depends on your own server and network performance. In most cases AnyDesk Enterprise also establishes direct connections between clients, so the server is only responsible for setting up the connection. If a direct connection is not possible due to network configuration (e.g. NAT) the server is used to relay the connection data. A sufficiently powerful server is then required.

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Once I purchase AnyDesk Enterpise, how do I set it up?

The required files can be found in the my AnyDesk portal. We will send you Login credentials for where you will always find the latest files ready to be downloaded. We provide full installation instructions and support if required. If you wish, we will install AnyDesk for you for a small service fee.

How is the technical support after I get Enterprise?

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You have full technical support for the first year for free. If you would like the support to be provided after that date you can purchase our annual service and maintenance agreement.

Same here: They are free for the first year. After that the annual service and maintenance agreement is required.

Sounds good. How much is it?

Anydesk Not Able To Connect To Server

It depends. With AnyDesk Enterpise, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, we can give you a quote for your specific requirements. Please contact our team at [email protected] for a consultation.

What our customers say about Enterprise:

Anydesk Is Not Connected To The Server Mac

„A comparison with other tools available on the market has shown that AnyDesk met all our requirements regarding a remote desktop tool best. To us it was important to have a VM-based appliance in our DMZ with a fast and secure client we can customize as desired. As we use a single appliance to support 7500 clients only the Enterprise version came into question.
In the past it was not possible to adapt our old remote desktop solution to our requirements. AnyDesk has provided us with an excellent solution. It was also important for our support team to support the Internet clients.“Kai Neubauer from Sun Chemical: