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Once the AnyDesk software has opened up on your screen, find the three-lined button on your screen. By clicking on that button you will be automatically opening a menu. In that menu that should have shown up on your screen, you need to find the Settings section. Click on that in order to expand the settings of AnyDesk software. Connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.

AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop application which allows you to remotely access and control any computer connected to the internet, Windows, Linux and macOS. It is 100% free for personal and non commercial purposes, for commercial use we have flexible plans for a price you´ll love. AnyDesk makes your daily routine easy!

Today we would like to introduce our switch sides feature. Imagine you need to show your client how something works on your computer, there is no need to close your session and open a new one the other way round. You only need to select the menu “Action” and then click on “switch sides”. Later, you can switch back by selecting the same command.

In which cases is this function extremely useful?

As mentioned earlier, sometimes during a support session, you might want to show something on your screen. For example, to explain the UI of your software application to your customer, who doesn’t have it filled with data, yet.
Or maybe for data protection reasons, you might want your customer to actively start a support session with you. Nothing easier! Just tell your customer your computer’s AnyDesk address and let him connect. Then, when the session is established, ask him to switch sides. Now you can start controling your customer’s computer like you usually do. It’s that simple!

AnyDesk is easy to buy, download and use. More than 10 million users in 80 countries trust us to connect remotely. We have different plans that are the best fit for your company. Get started and order here:

Anydesk Monitor Off Laptop

How Monitors AnyWhere on a Virtual Machines can add more power to your Digital Signage system

A great new enhancement added to Monitors AnyWhere Digital Signage System and now it can work on a Virtual Machine infrastructure. No longer it’s required to install a standalone physical machine to control your digital signage displays.

In this new approach, the zero clients will connect to the virtual machine over the existing LAN and everything will be controlled by the Monitors AnyWhere application.

Please note

Installing on a virtualization platform is supported only when installing the OSBASE driver.

The benefits of installing Monitors AnyWhere on a virtual machine

You can control more than 20 screens installed on your network

Simply by adding more virtual machines, you can connect any number of screens on your network!


When using a physical PC, you can’t use the operating system’s capability to lock up the system and you need to use a workaround to lock the workstation. With a virtual machine, the main server can be locked up while the VM keeps on running in the background.

Better stability

With virtual machines there are almost no hardware incompatibilities so fewer issues can occur. Also, a clone machine can be easily created to enable a quick redundancy of the system.



If you would like to have 5 screens controlled by one employee in your company and another set of 5 screens controlled by a different employee, it’s very easy to implement. Simply divide the screens into two virtual machines and give each employee an access to his private VM.

Plan your installation on the virtual configuration

Currently the guest virtual machines can be installed only with the following operating systems:

Windows8.1, Windows10 or Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019

Our solution can be implemented on VMWARE’s platform, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Parallels and Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Planning the system resources assigned to the guest virtual machine is an essential step and we advise that you make use of our System Configuration Guide.

The recommend resources is related to :

– Number of screens that you connect.

– Type of content.

Minimum requirements:

– 4 logical cores


– 128MB RAM for the virtual display adapter

Network Settings

  1. Static MAC address is required (for licensing purposes).
  2. Set the virtual network adapter as Bridged with a physical NIC. (VMware)

How To Turn Off Anydesk


Known issues when using Monitors AnyWhere on VM configuration:

How To Stop Anydesk Access

From our customers experience, when the OSBASE driver is installed on the VM it is very difficult to access the machine via the vSphere console. It’s a known issue of VMWARE as it’s related to their Keyboard and Mouse integration when the virtual machine is using the Extended Desktop mode.

On Virtualbox there is no such issue.

Anydesk Monitor Off

Workaround for this issue

Anydesk Monitor Off Windows 10

Use a remote control application to control the VM properly. The application must be able to remote the console session of the VM (not Remote Desktop Protocol). Tested and working remote control applications: TeamViewer, VNC, Radmin, Netsupport Manager, AnyDesk, Dameware