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AnyDesk Software GmbH, technology leader in remote access software, released the new version of the fastest and most affordable solution on the market: AnyDesk 5.0. The new version provides users with a series of new features and upgrades, including a new user interface that makes working with the application easier and more intuitive.

AnyDesk doesn’t need to be installed. Simply download the small 3MB file and immediately get started without registration. Your AnyDesk-ID will be generated by simply opening the file. The perfect remote desktop software for less tech-savvy users. AnyDesk is ideal for FreeBSD users, because AnyDesk’s solution for FreeBSD remote access is stable and easy to operate, allowing you access to remote desktops in FreeBSD from Mac, Windows, and even Linux based systems. Set-up is simple and fast, with user-friendly administration tools. Download it today, it's free for private use!

AnyDesk alsolistened to feedback from users, providing an auto-add function for the addressbook that makes expanding your contact list so much simpler. Remote printinghas been added along with auto-discovery functionality, allowing users toautomatically detect other AnyDesk clients in their local network. The new on-screenwhiteboard enables users to communicate with their counterparts via graphicelements, complementing the already-existing real-time chat.

Version 5.0 also brings an update to AnyDesk’s licensing policy so everybusiness can find a model that suits them in one of the three different levels:Lite, Professional, and Power. Lite is ideal for a small business or afreelancer with its unlimited endpoints from a single device and the new featuresof Version 5.0 along with all of AnyDesk’s previous benefits. If customers needto use multiple devices to connect to endpoints, then the Professional plan isright for them, also bringing custom aliases, session logging, and specialadmin features. Finally, the Power plan allows for three active devices andunlimited concurrent sessions, perfect for when you need to access a large poolof devices simultaneously.

“With therelease of AnyDesk Version 5.0, we further strengthen our positioning in themarket as the lightest, fastest, and most affordable remote desktop solutionavailable, offering our customers an even smoother and more effective userexperience. The new version and our tiered licensing model will enable ourcustomers to always find the best fit for their needs,” said Philipp Weiser,Chief Executive Officer of AnyDesk Software GmbH.


AnyDesk was founded in Germany in 2014. Its unique remote access software has been downloaded by more than 100 million users worldwide, adding another 5 million each month. The software is based on the company’s unique proprietary codec, DeskRT, that allows for virtually latency-free collaboration whether you’re down the hall or on the other side of the world. AnyDesk is one of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in Germany and its technology is trusted by millions of people and more than 15,000 companies in 165 countries, including world-renowned Fortune 500 brands.

For more information, please contact:
AnyDesk Press Office
Email: [email protected]

  • 1Special Settings
  • 2Settings in AnyDesk Client
  • 3Other Individual Settings

To Customize AnyDesk, there are many configuration options available. You can either override a setting (meaning there is no way to change it back within AnyDesk) or change the default setting which AnyDesk uses. For security-related features, always use override.

Note: To create older versions of AnyDesk use: _module=anydesk-VERSION.

For example: _module=anydesk-4.3.0

Special Settings

FeatureKey-value pair
Disable the entire Settingsad.ui.cfg_enabled=false
Disable User Interface settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_interface=false
Disable Security settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_security=false
Disable Privacy settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_privacy=false
Disable Display settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_video=false
Disable Audio settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_audio=false
Disable Connection settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_connection=false
Disable File Transfer settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_filetransfer=false
Disable Recording settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_recording=false
Disable VPN settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_vpn=false
Disable Wake-on-LAN settingsad.ui.cfg_enable_wol=false
Automatically register Aliasad.features.register_alias=true
Auto register Alias to namespacead.anynet.register.add_to_namespace=true
(For MSI files, please don't select 'Automatically register alias' with it)
Request elevation on startup (UAC)ad.features.auto_uac=true
Allow installationad.features.install=true
Disable Two-Factor-Authentication ad.features.two_factor_auth=false
Disable VPNad.features.vpn=false
Disable Wake-on-LANad.features.wol=false
Stop users from removing or overwriting the licensead.license.permissions=0

Address Book features

Disable Address Bookad.features.address_book=false
Choose the view type of Address Bookad.abook.view_type=0,1 (0:thumbnail; 1:list)
Add tags to the Address Book entriesad.anynet.register.roster_tags=<text>

Settings in AnyDesk Client

User Interface Settings

default language (see below)ad.ui.lang=en
Disable auto-select
Disable invitation E-Mail optionad.ui.show_invite=false
Show AnyDesk ID instead of Aliasad.ui.alias_or_id=true
Hide local task bar if AnyDesk window is maximizedad.ui.maximize_type=true
Disable comment on session closead.ui.comment_session=false
AnyDesk starts in the advanced viewad.roster.adv_view=true

Security Settings

Disable interactive
Disable unattended accessad.features.unattended=false
Forbid others to save login information for this
Override standard
Forbid remote users to (for unattended access/if they connect with password):
Hear my computer's sound
Control my computer's keyboard and
Access my computer's
Access my computer's clipboard to transfer
Lock my computer's keyboard and
Restart my
Use the file
Lock Desktop on session
Request system
Print out my documents on their
Draw on computer's
Create TCP
Enabled privacy
Show a coloured mouse pointer when physical input is
Access Control List:
Enable Access Control
Forbid remote users to (for interactive access):
Hear my computer's sound
Control my computer's keyboard and
Access my computer's
Access my computer's clipboard to transfer
Lock my computer's keyboard and
Restart my
Use the file
Request system
Print out my documents on their
Draw on computer's
Create TCP
Enabled privacy
Show a coloured mouse pointer when physical input is
Do not search local network for other AnyDesk clientsad.discovery.default_behavior=0
Exclude this device from discoveryad.discovery.hidden=true
IP address for multicast communicationad.discovery.multicast_ip=
Port number for multicast communicationad.discovery.multicast_port=50001
Number of UDP ports to use (starting from the port specified with ad.discovery.multicast_port)ad.discovery.port_range=3
Set Auto-Disconnect-Timeout in seconds (minimum 60 seconds)

Privacy Settings

Set the,2 (1:Account username,default; 2:Custom)
Set user,1 (0:Hide; 1:Account Image)
Desk Preview,1,3 (3:Deactivated; 1:Account's desktop wallpaper,default; 0:Screenshot)
Screenshot Pathad.privacy.scrshot.path_cfg=1,2 (1:Automatically, default; 2:Custom)
Set the custom screenshot pathad.privacy.scrshot.path=<path>
Chat Log,1,2 (0:Disabled; 1:Default path,default; 2:Custom path)
Set custom log<path>

Display settings

Anydesk Remote AccessAnydesk remote control
Select Display Quality optionsad.image.quality_preset=0,1,2(0:Best Quality, 1:Balanced, 2:Optimize reaction time)
Show remote cursorad.image.show_remote_cursor=true
Show move/size helperad.image.move_size_hlp=true
Disable hotkeys transmissionad.image.suppress_keys=false
Choose view modead.image.viewmode=0,1,2 (0:Original, 1:Shrink, 2:Stretch)
Start new sessions in fullscreen modead.image.insta_fullscreen=true
Use edge scrolling in original view modead.image.edge_scroll=true
Choose render modead.image.rendermode=0,1,2,3 (0:Disable, 1:DirectDraw, 2:Direct3D, or 3:OpenGL)
Do not save settings between program startsad.session.remember_settings=false

Audio Settings

Anydesk Remote Control

Audio Transmission,1,2,3 (0:Disable; 1:Standard,default; 2:Transmit audio output; 3:Specify)
Audio Output,1,3 (0:Disable; 1:Standard,default; 3: Specify)
Exclusive audio

Connection Settings

Disable direct
Set the listening portad.anynet.listen_port=<port number> (0 is default)

Recording Settings

Start session recording when a session starts (For non-Windows clients and Windows clients older than AnyDesk 6.1.0)ad.recording.auto_start=true
Start session recording when an incoming session starts while in logged out (AnyDesk for Windows 6.1.0 and newer only)ad.recording.auto_start.incoming.admin=1
Start session recording when an incoming session starts while logged in (AnyDesk for Windows 6.1.0 and newer only)ad.recording.auto_start.incoming=1
Start session recording when an outgoing session starts (AnyDesk for Windows 6.1.0 and newer only)ad.recording.auto_start.outgoing=1
Forbid connecting client from starting a session
Set custom recording pathad.recording.path_cfg=2

Other Individual Settings

Position and size of the window

Start AnyDesk with maximized windowad.ui.main_win.max=true
Set horizontal position of left window border on screenad.ui.main_win.x=<pixels>
Set vertical position of top window border on screenad.ui.main_win.y=<pixels>
Set window width in pixels (min:900)ad.ui.main_win.width=<pixels>
Set window height in pixels (min:720)ad.ui.main_win.height=<pixels>

Disclaimer settings

Edit title of the disclaimerad.ui.disclaimer.title=<text>
Edit text of the disclaimerad.ui.disclaimer.text=<text>
Edit accept button of the disclaimerad.ui.disclaimer.accept=<text>
Edit cancel button of the disclaimerad.ui.disclaimer.cancel=<text>
Set color for the disclaimer title & textad.ui.disclaimer.text.color=<HTML color code>
Set color for the disclaimer<HTML color code>

Layout settings

Change name for 'This Desk'ad.ui.id_group.title=<text>
Replace the information under “This Desk”ad.ui.id_group.text=<text>
Change name for “Remote Desk”ad.ui.connect_group.title=<text>
Replace the information under “Remote Desk”ad.ui.connect_group.text=<text>

Anydesk Remote Access Client

Language Codes

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AnyDesk supports the following languages: (ISO-Codes)

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