Anydesk Win32 10060

Anydesk win32 error 10060 fix

AnyDesk can run an unlimited amount of sessions from a device as long as resources allow. AnyDesk also can run several instances on a device. Based on your license, your AnyDesk client can have multiple sessions simultaneously. The Free and Lite license will only allow one simultaneous session. The Professional license allows for as many. Typically, the Win32 10060 error message may Anydesk Win3211004 uninstall it to see if that resolves the problem. Completed AdminAnyDesk (Supporter, AnyDesk Software GmbH) responded July 24, 2014 way or another by faulty files in the Microsoft Windows OS.

Main Window displaying your ID/Alias on startup

Your Desktop is shared using AnyDesk the same way you provide a telephone number in order to be called by a third party.The AnyDesk ID is displayed in the ID label. It's a series of digits (number) or is represented by the Alias (e.g. [email protected]).Forward the ID to a session partner. The party entering the ID requests control for the other side.

Anydesk Win32 10060

Interactive Access

Incoming requests can be allowed or automatically denied.Go to Settings and switch to Security in order to set up AnyDesk based on your preferences.

There are three options for incoming requests:

  • Allow always
  • Allow only if AnyDesk window is open
  • Disable
Note: All session requests except by unattended password are automatically denied when interactive access is set to disable. See Unattended Access

Connection Request

Accept Window on Session Request

On connection request, ID and account image from the remote client is displayed.

Note: An allowed request spawns the accept window which has to be confirmed in order to start the session. When confirmed, the request is accepted and the session begins.

See also: Access for more information on a variety of use cases.


After Installation, an Alias can be set in addition to the ID, e.g.: [email protected]. Portable (not yet installed) versions of AnyDesk don't have an Alias. Instead, the AnyDesk ID is displayed.Copy the ID or Alias to the clipboard by choosing from the context menu to share it.

Collaboration and Presentation

The participants connect to the presenter over AnyDesk, by entering his AnyDesk ID and Alias.
Markups or highlights can be created with the Whiteboard from the participants.
The presenter can temporary deactivate this feature, in the Accept Window for each participant.

If a participant wants to show his results, the participant can switch sides over the action menu and switch sides.
Now the screen of the presenter shows the screen of the participant, so that everyone can see it.
Afterwards the presenter can switch the screen back again over the action menu and switch sides.

Note:If the screen of more participants should be shared, the side must be switched back to the presenter before switching to the next participant.

In a world of growing technology and mobile workplaces, the need for remote support is more critical than ever. Although using remote desktops tools has become quite common in the last time, there may still be some concerns regarding security when using remote support tools. “If we install this software on our computers, can we be sure that no one outside the company can access our computers?” This is a question that we have heard quite often, that´s why we developed our whitelist feature.


As you know, to start a session, you need the computer’s AnyDesk address. The request must then be confirmed by the computer user before the session is established. The whitelist sets out exactly who is authorized to access your computer. If the whitelist is active, only a pre-defined group of people will be able to connect. This ensures that nobody who isn’t authorized to do so can start a session. The whitelist could contain all the computers in your IT department, for example. Or perhaps just your own personal laptop, so that requests can only be made from there.

Anydesk Win32_10060

Setting up your whitelist

You can find the Access Control List in the security tab of the AnyDesk settings. In order to activate access control, the security tab has to be unlocked. Use the + button to add an entry. A text entry will appear at the bottom of the list. Entries can be removed using the “-” button after they have been selected. After setting up the list, only users who are on the whitelist have the ability to access that particular device.

Wildcards (* and ?) are supported to match against an alias ([email protected]). This is useful for example to restrict connections to a specific company (e.g. *@company will grant access to [email protected], [email protected], but not to [email protected]) or even to specific hosts (e.g. [email protected] will grant access to [email protected] and [email protected], but not to [email protected]). Wildcards do not apply to numerical ids.

At AnyDesk, we pride ourselves in putting our customers and users first, always working to ensure our solutions are the best available in the market. Please keep in mind that we are planning to bring you more security features that will allow you more detailed control on who can access which computer.

Anydesk Win32 Error 10060 Fix

AnyDesk 3.0 is now available for free download at ttps:// This version is currently only available for Windows PCs (Windows XP or higher). MAC and Linux versions will follow. If you would like to request a free Professional trial, please fill out this form: