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As the name suggests, remote desktop is simply the ability to work remotely on a desktop computer. It means connecting to and accessing a device from afar via a different device, such as a laptop or smartphone. You can use your license's concurrent AnyDesk sessions from all devices that are registered with your license. For example, with 5 sessions 5 devices can open one session each, or one device can open 5 sessions at a time. free download - AnyDesk, Logon Changer, Kindle for PC, and many more programs.

See also Unattended Access

AnyDesk provides Two-Factor Authentication for the MyAnyDesk account, as well as for the AnyDesk client during a session request.
Use this method with an authentication app that utilizes 'time-based one-time passwords'(TOTP).


Two-Factor Authentication settings

Two-Factor authentication delivers ideal security for access of your devices.
AnyDesk requires a TOTP-Password that is set up by an authenticator.
This feature is meant to add a security layer to the password and not to replace it.
Solely the owner of the authenticator may initiate the session.

Settings & Setup

Anydesk company

'Enable Two-Factor Authentication' in the security settings. Scan the QR-Code or paste the key into your authenticator.
Use the authenticator of your choice.

Two-Factor Authentication prompt during session request

Establishing a session

The 6-digit authorization key from the authenticator is requested directly or after the unattended access password is either typed in or submitted automatically.


Make sure that the system time on the device with the authenticator app and the device with 2FA are in sync.
Otherwise the authenticator code might not be accepted, the 'Enable authenticator' button stays grayed out.

Two-Factor Notice on

Two-Factor Authentication for

Recommended authenticator apps

The following apps are tested and recommended:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • FreeOTP
Note for MyAnyDesk Account:

Print the recovery key to restore your account when needed.
The recovery key cannot be retrieved or reset.

Https Anydesk Com

In case you lose the ability to login to your account using 2FA and don't have access to the recovery key,
please contact AnyDesk Technical Support

The Help Center describes AnyDesk and its features. Use the search bar, [list of articles] or [FAQ] to find information or the solution for your case.
If you have any further question please contact our [Support].

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Anydesk for windows 10

Do I need to install AnyDesk?

AnyDesk will have elevated privileges when installed. Connecting to a client with AnyDesk installed won't run into trouble controlling Admin (UAC) required applications.However you can request elevation remotely to clients that run AnyDesk portable. The login credentials can be entered remotely, the following UAC prompt must be confirmed manually from the remote side. Each installation has its unique ID and is bound to a specific license.

How to reset 2FA / Two Factor Authentication

Do I need to be present at the remote side to start a session? (Unattended Access)

No, you can set a 'password for unattended access' to gain access remotely. See Unattended Access

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