Blue Yeti Adobe Audition


So I have read and seen some reviews about the blue yeti. I have a question about it though. I want to use it as a mic for one of my pc games. I understand that it has an headphone jack where you plug it in to listen how you sound like. Connecting to audio hardware in Audition; Customizing and saving application settings; Digital audio fundamentals. Understanding sound; Digitizing audio; Importing, recording, and playing. Multichannel audio workflow; Create, open, or import files in Adobe Audition; Importing with the Files panel; Extracting audio from CDs; Supported import formats. Make sure you see Adobe Audition running in Task Manager. Now go to Windows Sound options, go to the Recording tab, right click on your Virtual Audio Cable Line, click properties, go to the Listen tab and press Listen to this device. You should now hear your microphone output as processed by Adobe Audition. Verdict: The job of editing and making use of professional audio workstations are easily accomplished with the help of Adobe Audition.The main features of this software include recording audio from Blue Yeti and other podcasting microphones, audio editing, converting between various formats like MP3, PCM, and more. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.


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E-Learning, Documentaries, Federal Government, Compliance Videos, Self Guided Tours, Kids E-Learning, Corporate & Industrial Training, Computer Instruction


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Blue Yeti Adobe Audition

Brett is a professional & a delight to work with. A gentleman with a terrific voice, intelligence and personality to back it up. Knows just what the client needs and is easy to direct. I recommend Brett for any voice over project!

Blue yeti adobe audition

Blue Yeti Adobe Audition

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  • Blue Yeti Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • High speed internet with FTP for fast uploads.
  • Secure client login for finished products.
  • External studio and post production at Talk 19 Media