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Quotes by Catherine Cho “Pregnancy had brought a list of worries—episiotomies, prolapse, preeclampsia. I was so preoccupied with the idea of losing my body, it had never occurred to me that I might lose my. Catherine Cho Catherine Cho is an agent at Curtis Brown in the UK. Originally from the US, she's lived in New York and Hong Kong, and she currently lives in London with her family. Inferno is her first book. The following extract is from Inferno: A Memoir by Catherine Cho, an exploration of how after giving birth to her first son she found herself in an involuntary psych ward, grappling with psychosis.

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A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice

is a disturbing and masterfully told memoir, but it’s also an important one that pushes back against powerful taboos. . .' —The New York Times Book Review
'Explosive' —Good Morning America
'Sublime' —Bookpage (starred review)

When Catherine Cho and her husband set off from London to introduce their newborn son to family scattered across the United States, she could not have imagined what lay in store. Before the trip’s end, she develops psychosis, a complete break from reality, which causes her to lose all sense of time and place, including what is real and not real. In desperation, her husband admits her to a nearby psychiatric hospital, where she begins the hard work of rebuilding her identity.
In this unwaveringly honest, insightful, and often shocking memoir Catherine reconstructs her sense of self, starting with her childhood as the daughter of Korean immigrants, moving through a traumatic past relationship, and on to the early years of her courtship with and marriage to her husband, James. She masterfully interweaves these parts of her past with a vivid, immediate recounting of the days she spent in the ward.
The result is a powerful exploration of psychosis and motherhood, at once intensely personal, yet holding within it a universal experience – of how we love, live and understand ourselves in relation to each other.