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  1. Using Day One And Evernote
  2. Day One Evernote 比較
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Evernote to Day One (turns each note into a Day One journal entry) Evernote to Google Drive (turns each note into a Google Docs document, Google Keep does not currently have an import option). Each Day One category is it's own HTML file. Open up the html file in your browser and you can copy and paste into Evernote with all your formatting and pictures in place. Admittedly this took some time though as I had had about 1000 entries. Day One Journal, Lehi, Utah. 15,866 likes 27 talking about this. Simple, elegant personal journaling application for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store. People ️ Day One. Over 150,000 5-star reviews. Follow us on Instagram for tips, prompts, and beautiful photography to help you get the most from your journal. Connect Day One to Evernote to unlock powerful experiences Do more with Day One by connecting it to Evernote, and hundreds of other apps and devices, with IFTTT.

This is not an overly easy task. Julian Kramer’s guide was a great help but in the end, I had to change my approach.

Note: This post is not a guide. Because it was not fun and I don’t want anyone else to have to do it. But if you combine Julian’s guide and my notes, you should be able to figure it out.

By signing up for Diaro Pro through the Android phone, I was able to just pay $4.99 USD for a year. Signing up through the desktop/web, it wanted something like $11.99 USD as a one-time payment I believe. I just opted for the cheaper.

I exported my Evernote entries as a .enex file to then import into Diaro but the Diaro importer on the web kept giving me an error. So I took a break from that.

In the Android app for Day One, I noticed my iPhone/Mac journals weren't syncing over. Looking into it, Day One Android doesn't support End to End encryption and I got an error/message stating as much from the Day One Android app.

At the end of the day, Day One doesn't even support the Android app anymore.

What ended up working...

Exported Evernote notes as an .enex file (made sure to tag* them all with what I wanted the DayOne journal to be named)

Uploaded the .enex file to Dropbox from my computer desktop.

Using Day One And Evernote

From the Android phone, downloaded .enex from Dropbox to the phone's internal storage.

Imported entries into Diaro from Evernote (pulling from phone storage).

Day One Evernote 比較


It was 1,890 entries, so it took a little bit to sync with Diaro. When complete, I saw the sync with Diaro on the web.

In Diaro Android app, I enabled a backup file in Dropbox.

Opened the Day One Android app, imported from Diaro (.zip). This took a while to complete. When finished, I had a new Journal in Day One Android named 'Diaro'.

This did not sync with Day One Mac or iOS so I exported the journal as JSON and emailed to myself.

Day One Vs Evernote

Then downloaded the JSON to my Mac. I renamed the file to what I wanted the journal to be named.

Export Day One To Evernote

From the Day One Mac app, imported the JSON .zip and it imported all of the notes correctly.


*The tag I made in Evernote before exporting the .enex, I don't think I needed that. Or maybe I would've needed it if I exported multiple notebooks at once. I just did an individual notebook.

P.S. I don’t ever want to do that again.