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PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. It is developed by the Czech company JetBrains. It provides code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems (VCSes), and supports web development with Django as well as data science with Anaconda. PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. It is developed by the Czech company JetBrains. It provides code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems (VCSes), and supports web development with Django as well as data science with Anaconda. How to install PyCharm for Python in Windows. Step I: Download PyCharm from the website. Select Community Edition or the Professional Edition according to choice. Step II: After the completion of the download, go to Downloads folder and run the.exe file. The setup window will start. This is especially important for students using a school computer or parent computer with limited access. If you’re on a Mac computer, you may need to modify the security settings in system preferences in order to download software.

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn Python programming, get ready to be blown away.

Today we’re launching the free and open source PyCharm Educational Edition for students and teachers. This easy-to-use yet powerful Python IDE includes special interactive educational functionality to help novice programmers learn the craft and turn professional quicker than ever before! It combines the easy learning curve of interactive coding platforms with the power of a real-world professional tool.

Why PyCharm Educational Edition?

We all know that computer programming studies are one of today’s major global trends, driven by open-access, non-credit education. Python has long been used for educational purposes and is now the most popular language used to teach programming for beginners. We decided to create this new educational IDE, because we at JetBrains PyCharm, being a part of the Python community, are committed to providing quality, professional, seamless solutions for learning programming with Python, keeping the needs of both novice programmers and educators in mind.

What is so special about PyCharm Educational Edition?

In designing this tool we have been inspired by Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming language, who said:

“We believe that there should be no clear-cut distinction between tools used by professionals and tools used for education—just as professional writers use the same language and alphabet as their readers!”

PyCharm is a professional tool recognized among professionals all around the globe. At some point it occurred to us that, with some work, its power could also be harnessed to serve educational purposes.

We analyzed educational trends and tools on the market carefully. To understand what should be improved in PyCharm and how to make it the best educational IDE possible, we polled hundreds of instructors from different universities all around the world.

We found out that there are two opposite approaches to learning programming. One is based on using interactive online educational platforms and editors, which are extremely easy to start with. Despite an easy learning curve, these are not real development tools, and once you get used to them it may be difficult to switch to a real development environment and develop something real. The other approach is centered around real code editors and IDEs tools. While advanced, they are often too complex for beginners. Instead of learning programming, you must invest considerable efforts and time just into understanding how the tool works, before actually learning the essentials of programming.

PyCharm Educational Edition aims to combine both these two worlds. We’ve made it easy to get started with, not intimidating, yet powerful enough to guide you all the way through to becoming a professional developer.

All the learning you need, for FREE

PyCharm Educational Edition is absolutely free and open-source. Novice programmers can download and use it for educational or any other purposes—for free. Instructors and course authors can use it to create, modify and share their own courses.

Included are learning essentials like an integrated Python console, Debugger and VCS, along with unique educational features such as “fill in the missing code” exercises, intelligent hints, checks, smart suggestions, code auto-completion, and much more.

So, what’s inside, besides the PyCharm Community Edition?

  • Special new Educational project type. From a student’s point of view, an Educational project is like an interactive course that includes tasks and files for editing, and a Check button that gives instant feedback and scores your assignment. With this type of project, teachers can create courses or assignments with lessons and tasks, create exercise code, define expected results, write tests that will work in the background. In particular, they can employ the “fill in the missing code” educational technique where you ask a student to insert the correct code in an already existing code sample.
  • A greatly simplified interface to make the learning curve as easy as possible. The advanced tools are hidden by default and may be activated as you progress.
  • On Windows, Python is installed together with PyCharm, with no additional installation required. Linux and Mac OS installers automatically detect a system interpreter. All you need to start learning is just to install PyCharm.

Possible Applications

PyCharm Educational Edition can be used in MOOCs, self-studying courses or traditional programming courses. In addition to going through interactive courses, you can also use normal Python projects and the integrated Python console, as well as the debugger, VCS, and everything else that PyCharm already offers.

What to do next?

Don’t wait any longer — download PyCharm Education Edition for your platform and start learning Python programming today!

For more details and learning materials, visit the PyCharm Educational Edition website and check the Quick Start guide to get rolling. Or, for a quick visual overview, watch this introductory video:

Then, get involved:

  • Spread the word about this tool
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  • Report bugs in our public issue tracker
  • Discuss and share in our forum
  • And if you need any help, you’re always welcome to contact our professional support team

Read our blog to stay tuned for news, updates and everything that goes on with PyCharm Educational Edition. And do give us feedback on how we’re doing.

Did you know?
JetBrains recently launched the Free Student License program. With this program any student or educator can use any JetBrains product for free!

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

A Professional Tool to Learn and Teach
Programming with Python

Featured courses

For learners

Enjoy a hands-on, fun, and interactive way of learning to program in an encouraging environment.

  • Choose one of the featured Python courses
  • Read the theoretical part and complete exercises to practice what you’ve learned
  • Get instant feedback on your assignments

For educators

Share your knowledge and help learners practice programming with interactive courses using professional tools.

  • Create practice tasks with custom placeholders and error messages
  • Add integrated tests that automatically check assignments and provide feedback
  • Share your course, check submissions and track the progress of your learners

Learn to program by creating applications

Download Pycharm For Students -

Get a curriculum that includes all the concepts necessary to build a working project end-to-end

Get a feel for real-life development

Complete complex projects inside a professional IDE and build confidence with PyCharm Edu

Interactive Tasks


for theory and practice

A structured course flow that builds from easy “fill-in-the code” exercises to more challenging tasks makes for a friendly learner experience. The IDE’s programming tasks feature placeholders to be completed and helpful error messages that appear in the event that something’s not right. Detailed exercise descriptions with code samples, hints, and multiple-choice tasks help learners stay engaged and focused. Educators can easily create such interactive structured courses thanks to YAML support.

Smart Checker

Download Pycharm For Students

thanks to integrated custom tests

Think your exercise is ready? Click the “Check” button and receive instant feedback on your submission, with hints and error messages for the most common code mistakes. This support is made possible by custom tests that educators can create with the help of unit testing frameworks in order to automatically verify learners’ submissions.

Download Pycharm For Students

Extensive course-sharing options

for public and private access

Share your knowledge and promote best practices. Share your course publicly on the MOOC platform or privately with your students or co-workers. Learners getting started with PyCharm Edu can access all publicly featured courses. So don’t hesitate to spread your knowledge!

Professional Environment

Productivity features, such as smart code completion, code inspections, a visual debugger, and more, not only boost your learning productivity, but also make it easy to switch easily and seamlessly to other JetBrains tools.

Enjoy a fine–tuned workspace

Download Pycharm For Students Student

Feel more at home with your IDE and help yourself stay focused and avoid distraction, with customizable color and keyboard shortcut schemes, and all the look-and-feel settings you need for productive development.

Learn faster with a smart editor

Download Pycharm For Students Learning

Take advantage of language-specific syntax and error highlighting to help you avoid code mistakes. Learn how to style your code correctly with code formatting, and don't ever get stuck thanks to code completion and quick documentation.

Run & debug your code

Download Pycharm For Students Download

Run your code to be sure everything works properly. Use the powerful debugger with a graphical UI to find out what went wrong — set breakpoints, run your code step by step, and have all the information at your fingertips.

Download Pycharm Educational Edition

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