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One of the few dictation software platforms that can come close to Dragon is Otter. This popular software package is one of the easiest to use. It comes with several advanced features that separate. Home » Dragon Medical Practice Specialties » Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 for Chiropractors Software that understands your language Now you can employ speech recognition software that understands the Chiropractor’s daily language and specialty terminology with more than 99% accuracy. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4. Helps veterinarians and other care providers efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into your practice management software. Improve the patient documentation process. Improve work-flow optimization.

Dragon Medical Dictation Software

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Dragon for Windows

Dragon for Windows




Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box
Create, format and edit documents just by speaking
Create email and search the Web faster than ever using simple voice commands
Built on 'Deep Learning' speech engine that continuously adjusts to your voice
Listen back to dictated text
Optimised for touchscreen devices
Create and edit your spreadsheets with full text control in Microsoft Excel
Create custom voice commands for standard texts
Import/export custom word lists for your sector
Turn recordings into editable text
Automatically transcribe your recordings
Sync customizations with the Dragon Anywhere mobile app
Combine with the Nuance PowerMic for ease-of-use
Network managed licenses and volume discounts
Integrated legal terms specifically for legal professionals

In addition, Dragon adapts to the user’s voice and vocal patterns the more it is used. In conjunction to the learning algorithm, Dragon also works with syntax, which means the software will choose the appropriate word based on the context of the sentence.

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After just one use, doctors have found that Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 meets all of their needs and EXCEEDS their expectations, thanks to the softwares ability to seamlessly integrate with existing EHR/EMRs, dictation devices and allowing them to: