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To get started with Electron, check out the resources below. Learn how to wrap your web app with Electron, access all the APIs, and generate installers.

Explore the Electron APIs

The Electron API Demos app interactively demonstrates the most important features of the Electron API. See what's possible with Electron with sample code and helpful tips for building your app.

Hi there, I made the mistake of updating my work laptops (Windows) Evernote to version 10. 80 percent of my notes are command output and code, so not being able to set a default monospaced font like Consolas just makes it UNUSABLE. All my notes look horrible now. Mass Spectrometry, also referred to as mass spec, is an analytical technique becoming increasingly important in bioscience research. This article will introduce you to this technique, how it works, and how it could be useful to you in your research. So let’s get started with your introduction to mass spectroscopy What Is Mass Spectrometry? In a nutshell, mass spectrometry accurately.

Try more powerful experiments with Electron Fiddle

Electron Everyone

Electron Fiddle lets you create and play with small Electron experiments. It greets you with a quick-start template after opening – change a few things, choose the version of Electron you want to run it with, and play around. Then, save your Fiddle either as a GitHub Gist or to a local folder. Once pushed to GitHub, anyone can quickly try your Fiddle out by just entering it in the address bar.


Spin up the Quick Start app to see Electron in action:

A minimal Electron app with helpful notations.

Or dive deeper and read the documentation.

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