Evernote Lock Note

Evernote encrypt note

I want the ability to lock notes or notebooks from further editing unless I want to unlock them. This is useful in situations where you just want to view your notes on the go.. whether it's a recipe in the kitchen, or a workout routine. I'm finding myself by accident going into edit mode just by tapping on the screen and trying to scroll through workout notes. I then have to hit the undo button until it's greyed out and then start over with my thoughts. It's pretty inefficient.

It should be an easy solution. Put a lock icon for each note where the user can disable editing of that note and it just goes into read-only mode. Doing full notebooks is another step up from that.


Evernote Vs Onenote

  1. Create A Note In Evernote”. Evernote is excited to announce a new integration with Apple’s iOS 11, allowing you to easily create and search your notes.
  2. Evernote Take notes, track tasks, and save things you find online.

Evernote Lock Notebook

Older version of Evernote Web. Click the note info button (i), and select View History. Click on the date to preview and find the note version you want to restore. Click Export to download the note as ENEX file. Use the Evernote desktop app to import the ENEX file into your account.