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Feedly offers useful integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, and Zapier so that you can easily share stories with your networks and teammates. Evernote's denial of service attack seems to have been going on for at least 10 hours, causing data synchronization problems for users. Feedly's seems to be connected with an extortion attempt. Currently Feedly does not have direct Evernote integration. It announced that one step Evernote integration would be made available in its premium featured pro version costing 5 dollars a month. Feedly is made for purposeful reading. Discover and curate the knowledge and information that you care about. Mohiomap is a visualization and analytics tool for your Evernote. Securely connect your account, and start gaining visual insights! Dolphin Browser. This method must be called in a separate browser window (this is a requirement from Evernote). The browser will be redirected to Evernote, where the user needs to approve the access request. Once accepted, the browser will redirect back to feedly cloud, and finally to the redirect URI passed as a parameter. At this point, the window can be closed.

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The web is an ocean of knowledge and creativity. We help curious minds curate and consume their digital world. Feedly is a better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites.

  • Organize your favorite blogs, news sites and Youtube channels and access them all in one place (or sync with Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook).
  • Feedly transforms web sites into beautiful cards which load quickly and are easy to read.
  • Easily save articles across devices or share them with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Directly or via Buffer, Pocket or Instapaper.
  • You can add feedly to all the devices you love. Your phone, tablet and computer are always be in sync.
  • If you run into an issue or have a question and need support, you can reach us at [email protected] We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.
Feedly pocket evernote

Feedly Evernote 連携

With Feedly Pro you get:

  • Article search: Search within your feedly feeds.
  • https: Add a layer of security to your feedly browsing.
  • Evernote: One-click save to any of your personal or Evernote Business notebooks.
  • Premium Support: Get bumped to the front of the support line.

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