Google Hangouts Slack

Google Hangouts Slack

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Developers describe Google Hangouts Chat as ' A messaging platform built for teams '. Whether in a 1:1 chat or a dedicated group workspace, collaborate with your team in an organized way. Share and discuss Docs, Sheets, and Slides all in one place. On the other hand, Slack is detailed as ' Bring all your communication together in one place '. Slack and Google Hangouts enable searching for a topic when someone wants to load up all of the messages and emails related to it. In terms of file attachment, Slack markets its functionality where users can simply copy and paste a file into a chat and instantly have it available or the other end-user. Hangouts Chat and Slack – have the vertical layouts with two basic panels: the left one is for contacts, bots, and settings and the right one, which is primarily for conversations. Just like Slack, Hangouts Chat features virtual rooms for different parts of a company's team or to organize people around a specific project or task. Each room can hold up to 8,000 people,. Slack users receive direct messages for Google Drive notifications about newly shared files and requests for access. Recipients approve requests or launch Google Drive to work directly with the.

Google Hangouts Chat is a fantastic way to escape email and communicate efficently when working with someone on an ongoing project or deal. You have searchable, persistent, portable instant messaging, where each party gets to keep a transcript of each conversation.

However, Hangouts is largely missing out on the recent rise of team chat as way to structure internal company communication. More and more, we’re seeing teams adopting tools like Slack, HipChat, Fleep, or Flowdock to serve as communication dashboards.

This means it is highly likely that you’re using both Hangouts chat and Slack at the same time. This is particularly true if you work with clients or partners—Hangouts is used for external communciation, while Slack for internal.

Why Connect

The option to bridge a Hangouts chat with a channel, private group, or even a DM in Slack gives you two major workflow improvements .

First, it’s no longer necessary to switch between applications. If you’re someone who switches between chat applications for a living, you will agree that the surest way to win back some zen is to switch less.

Second, you may want to get multiple people from your Slack team involved in a conversation with your contact on Hangouts—this would take all the pain of being an intermediary between two parties out of the equation. Since your team is already using Slack, the most natural way to achieve this is to use a channel or private group dedicated to your Hangouts contact, as long as everything happening there gets mirrored in both places.

The recently-released Sameroom integration with Hangouts gives you this option. Here’s how to set it up.

Google Hangouts Slack

Setting It Up

  • Step 1: Add you Hangouts and Slack accounts to Sameroom Accounts;

  • Step 2: On the Open-a-Tube Page, choose a Slack channel for Side A and a Hangouts contact or group chat for Side B.

At this point, all messages posted to the Hangouts chat you connected will appear in Slack, and vice versa.

Note: there are some limitations, please see our Limitations section.


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You can configure how your messages appear on either end of the Tube. For more information, see Posting Options.

Google Hangouts Slack

Note: Google Talk is not currently supported. To get around this, you have two uptions:

  • Option 1: Convert your GTalk or Google Apps to Google Hangouts;

  • Option 2: Connect a proper Hangouts account to the GChat one (natively), then connect the Hangouts account to Sameroom. This actually works!

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