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25 Sep 20130Software Reviews

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Kingsoft Writer 2013; Kingsoft Office 2016 Free; Stellar data recovery serial key. Download Full version Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 Serial Key Complete Version with 1 year License key, crack, keygen, activation code, product key isn't needed. – It’s zero secret that will Microsof company rules place of work room market. The first thing you’ll see when you open the newly released Kingsoft Office Suite Pro 2013 is a clean, new interface. The old features are still there along with 38 major improvements. Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation are the three applications included. Key Features: VBA Editor. Two interfaces: 2013. Composed of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation, Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is highly-efficient productivity software. It runs fast and has amazing compatibility. Free office suite provided by Kingsoft Office is a practical alternative to expensive office software. You will be amazed at its wonderful features.

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Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is an excellent and innovative software that is highly recommend for any computer user. An ideal alternative to other paid Office Suites.

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is a free application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation application. Considering that the software is free (yes! Free!!), it actually comes packed with many features including a paragraph adjustment tool, multitabbed feature, automatic spell checking, word count feature and PDF converter. The installation file is small (42.6mb) therefore it is relatively quick and straight forward to download it from Kingsoft’s website and install it on your PC. Kingsoft Office Suite is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 on both 32-bit and 64-bit. Furthermore, it is also highly compatible with Microsoft Office (2003, 2007 and 2013).


Kingsoft Office Suite has a very easy to use and simple interface that is akin to other Office Suites such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. For users who are transferring over from other similar software, it would not take relatively long to become skilled with Kingsoft Office Suite.

New Features (v9.1.0.4246)

Kingsoft Writer

* Supported showing bookmark in document map
* Supported inserting a picture from scanner
* Supported opening XML Files format
* Improved compatability with HTML/XML Files


Kingsoft Spreadsheets

* Supported solver function
* Supported saving as MHT/MHTML File format
* Supported calculate sheet function
* Supported exporting to XLS format in a shared workbook
* Improved compatibility with HTML
* Support customizing shortcut for Macros

Advanced Paragraph Adjustment Tool

We are particularly impressed by the Paragraph Adjustment Tool which allows the user to adjust the indent or line spacing of all paragraphs in their document by dragging and dropping. We tested it out on Writer.

To turn on the Paragraph Layout feature, select the icon pictured below found in the ‘Home’ tab

In the document, the paragraph layout icon will appear on the left handside of the paragraph. Select it.

The Paragraph Layout tab appears on the top and the tools activate where you can amend the indent and spacing of the paragraph.

For our example, we decide to adjust the left indent by simply clicking and dragging the paragraph til we are comfortable with the length.


Multitabbed Feature

We also highly regarded the multitabbed feature that could be considered akin to having tabs in your internet browser. In the context of Kingsoft Office Suite, this feature allows us to easily navigate to other spreadsheets (in our example) that are currently open.


If you are having issues and require further assistance, there is a ‘Support’ section on Kingsoft’s website. This section contains a variety of helpful tools including FAQs and Recent Questions, Tutorials, and User Manuals. If you cannot find the adequate advice or help you require, you can also contact them directly via email or post on their Facebook page.

Final Thoughts

Kingsoft Writer 2013 Free Download

We found Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 a free and easy to use software that can be utilised by any level of computer user. It is fully functional and reliable which can be used in place of other paid Office Suites (particularly Microsoft Office). We are very impressed by its array of innovative tools, such as, the Advanced Paragraph Adjustment Tool and the Multitabbed feature. It is available for download from here.