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Magnetica Limited specialises in the development of next generation MRI systems and technologies, including dedicated compact MRI systems and MRI system components. Based in Brisbane, Australia since its inception in 2005, Magnetica™ is at the forefront of MRI systems technology, successfully designing and commercialising a 1.5T extremity MRI superconducting magnet that is now the heart of over two hundred MRI systems world-wide.

Through a continuing strategic partnership with The University of Queensland, Magnetica has developed a 3T extremity superconducting magnet, Gradient Coil and RF Coils. Magnetica has successfully built and tested the integrated 3T extremity MRI system, demonstrating clinical-quality imaging.


Initially certified as compliant to ISO 9001 in 2015, the certification of our Quality Management System (QMS) to ISO 13485 in 2018 validates Magnetica’s ability to produce medical devices such as Gradient and RF Coils with consistent high standards. Magnetica shipped its first regulatory compliant product in 2019.

In January 2021 Magnetica merged with UK based Space Cryomagnetics (trading as Scientific Magnetics), which included their US based subsidiary Tecmag, Inc. This merger brings with it new superconducting magnet and NMR/NQR/MRI spectrometer product lines to augment our existing market offerings. Further, and most importantly, the merger of these sub-system Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) sees Magnetica become an MRI System OEM in its own right.

As a result of the merger, UK Based Avingtrans PLC (AIM: AVG.L) became the majority shareholder in Magnetica. Enabled by the capabilities and support that Avingtrans can provide, the merger is a transformational event for Magnetica as we focus upon completing the commercialisation of our dedicated compact 3T Extremity MRI system and launching new compact MRI system products to customers around the world!

Looking forward, Magnetica plans to expand its portfolio of dedicated compact MRI systems and custom MRI sub-systems/components, with further investment in facilities, boosting research, product development and commercialisation, as well as manufacturing capabilities, to support its growing needs. Magnetica’s Head Office remains in Brisbane, Australia.

Magnetica is committed to unlocking new capabilities, new markets and new possibilities, whilst retaining a focus on enabling high-quality imaging closer to the point-of-care and enhancing the patient experience.


We develop and commercialise Next Generation MRI Systems and Technologies to provide class-leading solutions to MRI end-users and system integrators worldwide.