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Dragon Anywhere. (1 review) Dragon Anywhere professional-grade mobile.

Dolbey, the industry-leading medical speech recognition software developer, has helped physicians improve documentation workflow for over 100 years. The Fusion Narrate family of products are cloud-based speech recognition applications that work with both the Mac AND PC. The Spellex Dictation Gold: Medical edition offers an affordable solution for enhancing your Dragonsoftware while also offering medical definitions, pronunciations, and the correct spelling for thousands of medical and pharmaceutical words. Never struggle again with your dictation software or Office suite not recognizing important medical.

I called Dr. John Williams, M.D., F.A.C.S., to discuss his experience using Mobius Conveyor, the new medical dictation system that works seamlessly on any operating system. Dr. Williams is a breast cancer surgeon in northern Virginia and serves as Chairman of the President’s Cancer Panel. He is a national leader in breast cancer education and founded the not-for-profitBreast Cancer School for Patients.

Simply life with one computer for everything

Many doctors use an Apple laptop at home and a PC at the office. But constantly switching devices – or carrying around two computers – can be frustrating and inefficient. What if there was a high-quality medical dictation software for both Macs and PCs?

This was the question Dr. Williams was asking when he discovered Mobius Conveyor, a new medical dictation software that works on any computer operating system. Conveyor converts your iPhone into a Universal Documentation Device that conveys your exact words to any EMR system, from any location.

“My Dragon Medical software license was going to expire and I needed to make a change,” Dr. Williams explained. “I wanted to simplify my life and be able to have my Mac, which I use for everyday things, also be my work computer. It’s a pain to carry around two laptops with two chargers and constantly be toggling back and forth.”

As Dr. Williams was searching for his next option, he found Conveyor and signed up for the beta phase. “I’ve used Conveyor for the last five months,” he told me, “and I’ve been very pleased with it. I’m so happy I can do medical dictations on my Mac. Now I can keep my whole life on my Mac. It has really streamlined things.”

“I’m so happy I can do medical dictations on my Mac. Now I can keep my whole life on my Mac. It has really streamlined things.”

Dr. John Williams, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Mobius Conveyor in practice

I asked Dr. Williams how he uses Conveyor in the office, and he helped me paint a picture. In addition to loving that he now has a medical dictation software for Macs, he shared three benefits that stood out.

1. Your smartphone replaces a dictaphone or handset

“Every day I see patients in the office and I create a consultation note by dictating findings into their chart,” Dr. Williams told me.

“Having the mobile aspect is so incredibly convenient as opposed to a handset. We carry our phones everywhere we go, so they’re always right in front of you. Unlike a dictation handset, we don’t have to plug it in and tote it around with us.”

2. Conveyor gives you the flexibility to dictate anywhere

Dr. Williams does most of his dictating at home, and he said it’s really convenient that he has his phone right there with his notes and he can just start dictating. Same iPhone, same Mac. It’s all with him, making documentation quick and easy from any location. And with Conveyor’s Memo functionality, he also has the option to dictate a note for later transfer to a computer.

3. The Conveyor USB means you don’t need software

“I found the USB device really convenient, it’s fantastic,” said Dr. Williams. While Conveyor can be used with software and a QR code (download the software on your mobile and desktop devices, and scan a QR code to pair them), there’s a much simpler option: the Conveyor USB. After plugging the USB into any computer, your dictations are typed wherever a cursor is placed. No software, no hassle.

As Dr. Williams put it, “I can take that device and use it in any computer should I need to. That’s a huge advantage and gives me peace of mind knowing I can take my dictation system anywhere.”

Should you switch to medical dictation software?

Dr. Williams had been using speech-to-text medical dictation software for over four years when he switched to Conveyor. Whether it’s Mobius or Dragon or something else, he offered some advice for physicians who are considering switching from typing to dictation for the first time.

“Transitioning from typing to dictation is hard, but it’s more of a mental barrier than an actual logistical barrier,” says Dr. Williams. “If you type quickly, you move through your notes, fill things in, and you think you’re being reasonably efficient. But ultimately you can articulate what you want to write much faster than you can type it.”

Dr. Williams emphasized that doctors tend to take a habit-based approach to documentation:

“It’s easier to not change because of resistance, but it’s so worth the effort to flip that switch and integrate dictation because it’s something you’ll use forever going forward. I would bet there isn’t one doctor who has used a dictation system like Dragon or Mobius and then stopped using it and returned to typing text as the modality for communicating. There’s a reason no-one returns to typing from dictation, and that’s because speaking is natural – it’s human.”

This relates to something even more important that Dr. Williams brought up, which transcends the mechanical differences of typing vs. dictation:

“As a cancer physician, I need to be able to communicate complexity and complex decision making. We’re talking about life and death decisions with my patients. My notes need to be highly personalized to the patient I’m seeing.”

Dr. Williams takes this very seriously. As he explained, “If you type one sentence, it looks like you did one sentence worth of work with the patient. If you’re actually doing the work you want to do, you need to document that work.”

“Dictation allows you to document as much as you need to easily, without the burden of typing. That translates to engagement for documentation, referring physicians, quality of care, medical-legal, and so on. Caring for patients isn’t done in one sweeping sentence, it’s done in a more complex way.”

At Mobius, we believe that the burden of typing is the only thing that might get in the way of every physician taking that same level of care with documentation. Having a well-developed dictation workflow makes it faster and easier to capture the complexity of clinical decision-making.

The medical dictation software for both Macs and PCs

Making the switch to dictation has never been easier than with Mobius Conveyor. Whereas other medical dictation platforms charge you for extras, Mobius includes everything you need for efficient documentation.

Importantly, Conveyor also doesn’t include what you don’t need. That means no complicated installation process, no required training videos, and no huge list of options and customizations that require an IT team to set up.

“Just like any new software, it took me some time to intuitively learn the different features of Conveyor,” Dr. Williams told me. “But when I started with Dragon I had to do a two-hour video course. There were so many choices – how to customize the microphone, how to customize XYZ…. It seemed like an overwhelming process to learn. Now that I think about it, when I got up and running with Mobius, it was: upload the app, sync your phone, and start talking. To be honest with you, that’s all you need.”

Medical transcription software enables quick and accurate documentation of dictations. They perform spell check of medical words and enables capturing data with high accuracy. They integrate with other medical software and enable the doctors to access data easily. They help in minimizing time to find patient reports from various sources. To know more about them one can search Google using “medical transcription software, free download”, “medical transcription software open source”, “medical transcription software download” or “medical transcription software voice recognition”.



Smartype helps to improve the speed of the transcription using keyboard shortcuts as well as it ensures the accuracy of the transcription. It comes with thousands of shorthand which helps to do transcript at very high speed. It comes with an in-built vocabulary of various medical words. It is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use software.

Dragon Medical Dictation Software For Mac Free


ClickTate comes with a comprehensive patient portal. It enables electronic prescribing and clinical decision support as well as immunization support. It provides document imaging and scanning as well as lab interfaces. It comes with thousands of templates for patient issues which can be utilized with minimum modifications. It comes with an intuitive interface.

Chartnet Transcription

What Is The Best Dictation Software For Mac

Dragon medical dictation software for mac

Chartnet Transcription helps to handle all types of medical transcripts like radiology, pathology, etc. It comes with various features like reporting interface to different systems, supports transcription from any location, etc., It provides an easy and professional transcription. It comes with many tools which are useful to management to monitor the entire system.

Other Medical Transcription Software for Different Platforms

Best Medical Dictation Software For Mac

Medical transcription software comes with various varieties for different platforms like Windows, Mac Os, and Android. Since they depend on their platform one should check for platform compatibility as well. The discussion which is presented below enables one to understand their features precisely. The features are explained individually for each version.

Best Medical Transcription Software for Windows – Nuance Dragon

Medical Dictation Software For Mac

Dragon helps to complete everyday tasks easily just by speaking. It remembers the words and phrases that one uses and by using vocabulary editor it adds words as well as phrases. It allows dictating text using various options including a microphone. It allows checking assignments and documents easily. It comes with audio playback option.

Best for Mac Os – Express Scribe Transcription Software

What Is The Best Medical Dictation Software

Express Scribe software enables to transcript audio recordings smoothly. It supports most of the playback formats including USB foot pedals. It works with all popular word processors and speech recognition software as well. It automatically creates text for dictation and allows docking analog as well as digital voice recorders for recording.

Best Dictation For Mac

Best Medical Transcription Software for Android – Certified Med Transcription


IntelliComplete is specially designed for medical transcription which enables increasing one’s typing speed using intelligent methods. It supports libraries for using multiple words and shorthand. It enables importing words from various documents and supports windows clipboards for copying and pasting. It allows defining a short form of aliases to denote lengthy URLs.

Most Popular Medical Transcription Software for 2016 is Intelli Complete

IntelliComplete is specially designed for medical transcription which enables increasing one’s typing speed using intelligent methods. It supports libraries for using multiple words and shorthand. It enables importing words from various documents and supports windows clipboards for copying and pasting. It allows defining a short form of aliases to denote lengthy URLs.

What is Medical Transcription Software?

Medical transcription software performs transcribing and helps the transcriptions to execute their works smoothly. They enable flawless report preparations for the patients. They can import data from various sources and enable quick preparation of the medical report. They enable tracking as well as managing clinical documents and help in distributing documents as well. You can also see Medical Billing Software

They greatly reduce the turnaround time of medical transcriptions by helping to edit them quickly. They can easily convert speech to text to perform fast transcribing. To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “medical transcription software programs”, “voice to text software for medical transcription”, “speech recognition software medical transcription” or “software use in medicine”. You can also see Work Scheduling Software

Medical transcription software is widely used by healthcare professionals and medical transcriptionists. They enable recording dictations and help to transcript the speech electronically. They help in automating healthcare business and streamline various processes related to maintaining patient’s records. They enable easy access to data from anywhere to help the doctors.

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