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Feb 07, 2019 Microsoft Teams is part of Business subscription and can use files from the account that you are using Teams (which should be your Office 365 Business account). If you want to share the Notebook on teams you can 1. Microsoft Teams To add a new or existing OneNote notebook to a channel in Microsoft Teams, select Add a tab at the top of the channel and select OneNote. From there, choose an option: To start from scratch, select Create a new notebook, add a name to the Notebook name field, and click Save. The first step to create a Team OneNote is to open your chosen Team and select the General Channel. Click on the Staff Notebook Tab. Next click on the Set up a OneNote Staff Notebook. You will then see that the Staff Notebook has a Collaboration Space for everyone to work in. It is here that all channels have their own section.

When a staff creates a Staff Team for all the staff, on Teams, a Notebook for only the staff is also created.

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How to use the Staff Notebook on Teams:

  1. Click on the Staff Notebook on the top bar.
  2. The staff notebook contains three main sections.
  3. It contains the Collaboration space, Content library, and Personal space for each staff.
  4. Each section has unique permissions depending on the owner’s rights of the staff in the team.
  5. The collaboration space is for everyone to collaborate in the team.
  6. Content added to the Content Library is read-only for the other staff members.
  7. That means you can create content for Content Library and other staff can only view it.
  8. Each notebook has some pre-populated pages.
  9. These pages can guide you to work with your staff.
  10. This is an example for pre-populated pages.
  11. Each staff member will get a private section in the staff notebook.
  12. The team owner can view all the private sections of all the staff.
  13. The staff member cannot see each other’s personal section.
  14. All member staff can document Parent Communication and Professional Development goals.
  15. Team owners have access to Class Observations, Lesson Plan Feedback and Evaluation.
  16. Therefore the team owners can provide valuable information on them.

What is staff notebook on teams:

When a new team is created by a staff a Staff Notebook is also created on the OneNote. This staff notebook is very useful for all the staff in a class or school. It has three important sections which are given above. These sections can be very useful for organizing and collaborating with other staff members.

Microsoft teams have many options for student collaborations as well as staff collaboration. One of the most important features for staff collaboration is the OneNote notebook. Detailed instructions on staff collaboration on OneNote is given above.


Teams Class Notebook

There is an increase in the usage of online classrooms recently. Microsoft Teams is the main solution for online collaboration for schools and companies alike.

Here we see how we can use staff notebook ok for collaborating with other staff members. It has many important features that should be carefully noted.

Ms teams delete notebook

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Ms Teams Onenote Notebook

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