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Over the last year or so my whole organisation system has evolved a long way from GTD (Getting Things Done). Here’s how it happened.LINKS TO MENTIONED VIDEOS. Obsidian x Todoist Plugin An experimental Obsidian plugin to materialize Todoist task lists in Obsidian notes. Tested with Obsidian 0.10.9 your results may vary!

The modern knowledge worker is engaged in a constant battle against the hyperactive hive mind. While we’ve become so accustomed to an inbox-driven workday that it’s hard to imagine alternatives, today’s author argues that they do in fact exist. Join Joe & Mike as they consider the possibility of a future without email.

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Carl Pullein has recently shared his top 10 tips and hacks to get the most out of Todoist.

Carl is a productivity specialist, presenter, and author, he runs a successful YouTube channel and works with busy people and teams helping them to be more productive and get things done.

This is a really fantastic list and you’ll find so much value from it in video form.

📹 Watch the video below


This is a shortlist of all of the recommendations for taking your Todoist to expert.

1. Native App

Use the Todoist native app instead of the web version because it’s more reliable and it allows you to easily add tasks.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Get used to taking vantage of the keyboard shortcuts. You can find and set them up in the Preferences section of the Todoist Settings.

Obsidian Todo

3. Dashboard

Create a customized dashboard using filters and set it as the home page of your desktop app. This way, you’ll have a clear overall view of what needs to get done.

4. Mobile Start Page

Obsidian Todoist Meaning

Additionally, you can create a customized starting page on your mobile device based on what you want to see when you open the app.

5. Make the App Accessible

Be sure to place Todoist in an accessible place on your smartphone, this way, you’ll be able to use it more easily.

6. Today List

Obsidian Todoist Mod

Create a today list for your 10 most important tasks.

7. Closing Down Session

Spend 10-15 mins at the end of the day to do a closing down session. Carl uses the Golden 10 filter showing all the tasks to be done and the inbox.


8. Drafts App

Use the Drafts app on iOS to quickly add tasks from your iPhone and Apple Watch.

9. Weekly Review

Do your weekly review on your desktop app, so you can easily see your active projects and have a better view of your tasks.

10. Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Filters

When you create filters, try to think of what you need to see displayed or filtered, don’t try to copy someone else’s filters.

Bonus: Do What Works For You

Just like filters, don’t copy someone else’s system when you set up your Todoist account. You can get ideas by other people’s set ups but create what works for you.

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