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As at May 2016 if buying all three apps it cost $80! That said there is no annual subscription and I've been using Things for years and have only paid once so far. (Omnifocus 3) to be launched in 2018, Contexts are being replaced by Tags. Yes, can have as many contexts as you like for a particular action. OmniFocus for the Web. Monthly Payment $9.99 USD $119.88 USD /yr. Yearly Payment $99.99 USD Save 16.5%! You can purchase a Cross-Platform subscription through our online store. Things 3 is sold as three separate apps—iPhone, Mac and iPad. The iPhone app comes with Things 3 for Apple Watch at no extra cost. Things 3 for iPhone. Price: $9.99 View in the iOS App Store. The iPhone app is my primary tool for keeping organized. I use it all day.

How Much Does Omnifocus 3 Cost

Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3is in the works. I’m regularly visiting it, adding ideas, making updates, changes, and the like.


The productivity world has changed tremendously since the first edition. Contexts have morphed into tags. Perspectives have grown in power. And in general, our tools are increasingly pervasive throughout our lives.

Meanwhile, our minds are still the minds that have developed through millennia of primitive culture. The anxieties and worries we carry, the desire for the meaningful, all continue to both drive and thwart our definitions and pursuits of “success”.

Organizing to find success is no easy feat. Quite humanly, we return to our tools, seeking simplicity, seemingly from the same milieu which complicated our lives in the first place. As always, it’s not our tools; it is how we use them that matters. And the more powerful our tools are, the more caution and experience they demand, and the more rewarding they can be when understood.

I’m hoping to streamline this next edition. The second edition had reached over 100,000 words and a thousand pages, albeit with many pictures. Unfortunately, I believe this falsely pushed the idea that they needed to be read! Silly, I know. But I had thought “the more, the better”. That’s simply untrue.

If possible, I would like to mimic the Omni Group’s “progressive disclosure”. It’s an unfolding process. As you want or need something, it becomes more visible. Otherwise, it stays out of your way. Now, how well I’ll succeed at doing so, we’ll just see. For all I know, I’ll make an even larger edition, and I’ll just have to eat my hat.

I will say, I’m quite impressed with how the Omni Group has created an unfolding experience with the iOS version.

So, when is it coming out?

I’m waiting until after the Mac OS X release of OmniFocus 3. Not only do I need to wait for the screenshots, but I want some time to adapt and understand any changes of workflows. That just takes time. If I had to guess, I’d say to look toward the end of 2018.

How much will it cost?

I don’t know yet. But, as before, if you already own a previous edition, you’ll be eligible for a discount.

What do I do in the meantime?

I’ll be posting from time to time, so check out the blog.

Omnifocus For Pc

Check out the resources page. David Sparks, Tim Stringer, Joe Buhlig, and others have created their own excellent works on OmniFocus. I’m willing to bet that at least one of them will have solid videos about OmniFocus 3 out soon, if not already.

May I, also, direct you to my other wares? Being Productiveis a video course that provides 14 fundamental practices of productivity. They are presented one at a time as simple exercises to be developed at your own pace.

Workflow Masteryapproaches productivity from the direction of theory, building an all encompassing view of what meaningful work is and how we can approach it.

The course and book work for any tool, be that OmniFocus, pen and paper, everything in between, as well as the environments we build around ourselves. Samples are available with a mailing list sign up.

They are also fantastic, excellent, and at least pretty darn good.

How Much Does Omnifocus 3 Cost

Finally, Getting Things Doneis still quite excellent and relevant. Too often, I believe, the community seems to assume it is all about contexts. That suggestion is only a small part of the entirety of habits that David Allen has compiled. The centerpiece of GTD is still about defining and building a trusted system, however that works for you as an individual. I often benefit from a re-read of the book.

If you own a previous version of OmniFocus for Mac, it’s possible to get a discount when upgrading to version 2. The upgrade process is different depending on where you purchased OmniFocus in the first place; you’ll want to use the directions that are appropriate for your specific situation. If you’re not sure which store your purchase was made through, here’s how to find out.

This article walks through the process of upgrading to OmniFocus 2 from a previous version. If you have already purchased OmniFocus 2 Standard and would like to upgrade to OmniFocus 2 Pro, Omni Store customers can do so at a discount at any time by upgrading a license through our web store. Mac App Store customers can upgrade at any time within the OmniFocus 2 application by clicking Menu Bar > OmniFocus > In-App Purchase.

Omni Store

If you purchased OmniFocus 1 from anywhere other than the Mac App Store, here is how to get a discount when upgrading to OmniFocus 2. Please note that we can not migrate customers from our store to the Mac App Store or vice versa. If you purchased OmniFocus 1 from the App Store, follow the Mac App Store instructions at the bottom of this page.

  1. Go to the Omni Store at and choose OmniFocus from the list of products.

  2. Scroll down to the Upgrade an existing license section. Enter your license owner name and license key into the text fields, then click View Upgrades to see which upgrade options are available for you. If you’ve misplaced your license key, you can enter your registered email address at our Lost Licenses page and we’ll send you another copy.

  3. Click the Buy button next to the upgrade you wish to purchase to add it to your cart.

  4. After adding the OmniFocus 2 upgrade to your cart, you can either proceed to checkout or add additional items to your cart to receive an automatic bundle purchase discount.

Omnifocus 4

Mac App Store

While we’re not able to offer discounts on the Standard version of OmniFocus 2 in the App Store, we are able to reduce the price of the Pro upgrade (an in-app purchase) for those who purchased OmniFocus 1. Please note that we can not migrate customers from the App Store to our store or vice versa. If you did not purchase OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store, your upgrade needs to come from our store; follow the Omni Store instructions at the top of this page.

  1. Make sure the copy of OmniFocus 1 that you purchased from the App Store is installed on your Mac. If you need to reinstall, you can do so from the Purchases area of the App Store application.

  2. Purchase and download OmniFocus 2 from the App Store. There’s only one download for both Pro and Standard users; we’ll unlock the Pro features in the next step.

  3. Open OmniFocus 2 and choose In-App Purchase… from the OmniFocus application menu.

  4. In the window that opens, select the Pro Upgrade (with discount for prior purchase) option and click Verify. You’ll be asked to locate the copy of OmniFocus 1 that’s installed on your Mac; using the search field may be the fastest way to find it.

  5. After your copy of OmniFocus 1 has been verified, the Verify button changes to Buy, with the discounted price option available. Click to unlock the Pro features.

If you have to reinstall OmniFocus 2 down the line, you can reactivate the Pro features by selecting Restore Purchase in this In-App Purchase window.

Last Modified: Jul 15, 2020