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Submitted by Jordan Lowe. One Dark syntax theme from the Atom text editor. Hot or not Download this scheme for We're using the default font. Log in to change your preferred font. #region Studio Style. More Visual Studio stuff. Visual Studio (current version Visual Studio 2019) is Microsoft’s premier IDE for Windows and MacOS. With Visual Studio, you can develop, analyze, debug, test, collaborate, and deploy your software. Personalize your PC and reduce eye strain with Windows 10 light and dark themes.

Starting in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8, you can use the Publish tool to publish .NET Core 3.1, or newer, Windows Desktop applications using ClickOnce from Visual Studio.


If you need to publish a .NET Framework Windows application, see Deploy a desktop app using ClickOnce (C# or Visual Basic).

Publishing with ClickOnce

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  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project and choose Publish (or use the Build > Publish menu item).

  2. If you have previously configured any publishing profiles, the Publish page appears. Select New.

  3. In the Publish wizard, select Folder.

  4. In the Specific target page, select ClickOnce.

  5. Enter a path or select Browse to select the publish location.

  6. In the Install location page, select where users will install the application from.

  7. In the Settings page, you can provide the settings necessary for ClickOnce.

  8. If you selected to install from a UNC path or web site, this page allows you to specify whether the application is available offline. When selected, this option will list the application on the users Start Menu and it allows the application to be automatically updated when a new version is published. By default, updates are available from the Install location. If you wish to have a different location for updates, you can specify that using the Update Settings link. If you do not want the application to be available offline, it will run from the install location.

  9. If you selected to install from a CD, DVD or USB drive, this page also allows you to specify if the application supports automatic updates. If you select to support updates, the Update Location is required and must be a valid UNC path or web site.

Included on this page is the ability to specify which Application Files to include in the setup, which Prerequisites packages to install, and other Options via the links at the top of the page.

Also in this page, you can also set the Publish version and if the version will automatically increment with each publish.


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The Publish version number is unique for each ClickOnce profile. If you plan on having more then one profile, you will need to keep this in mind.

  1. In the Sign manifests page, you can specify if the manifests should be signed and which certificate to use.

  2. On the Configuration page, you can select the desired project configuration.

    For additional help on which setting to choose, see the following:

  3. Select Finish to save the new ClickOnce Publish Profile.

  4. On the Summary page, select Publish and Visual Studio builds the project and publishes it to the specified publish folder. This page also shows a profile summary.

  5. To republish, select Publish.

Next steps

For .NET apps:

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This document( instructions on how to install and edit the theme.

To help with documentation, first fork and clone this repository.

cd to the OneDark-Pro folder

Run npm install


Then runnpm run docs to serve the documentationlocally at localhost:3000.


Tweaks & theming

If you want to play around with new colors, use the settingworkbench.colorCustomizations to customize the currently selected theme. Forexample, you can add this snippet in your 'settings.json' file:

or use the setting editor.tokenColorCustomizations

Please check the official documentation,Theme Color Reference andTheme Color, for more helpful information.

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