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OneNote doesn't have reminder functionality, so you can't do it. OneNote 2016 on Windows can talk to your local Outlook install, and has the ability to add a todo tickbox and create a matching task in your local Outlook app's task list (which will then show in other services that use. OneNote Reminder v8 add alert email feature for a reminder. Enable Send Alert Email to Microsoft Personal Account From Windows Notification area, click OneNote Reminder icon to.

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Onenote Set Reminders

Onenote reminder tool

Onenote Reminders And Task Management

Onenote reminders

Reminders Onenote Ipad

Alerts in onenote
Like Outlook, we also can use calendar to manage pages and reminders in OneNote.
This example need installed 2 add-ins.
Create an OneNote Calendar
In 'Gem for OneNote', go to 'Edit' tab -> 'Insert' group -> click 'Calendar' to insert a calendar table.
Create OneNote Page from Calendar
Inside calendar table, typing '[[Lunch with Jacky]]', OneNote will create a new page with title is 'Lunch with Jacky'.
Open Link as Side Note
Right click on 'Lunch with Jacky' in calendar, click 'Open Link as Side Note' on pop up context menu. Gem will open the 'Lunch with Jacky' page as OneNote side note.
With 'Open Link as Side Note' feature, it provide a way to manage OneNote page, and don't leave this calendar page.
Change the Page Time to When to be Reminded
Click the page date and time to choose when to be reminded.
Display the reminders in OneNote Reminder
Wait a second, a reminder will be shown in 'OneNote Reminder'.
'OneNote Reminder' will alert you when the time reach.

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