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PyCharm is a Python IDE that provides easiness to developed Python Application.PyCharm provides a lot of useful features like smart code completion, code inspection, on-the-fly error highlighting, quick-fixes, automated code refactoring, and rich navigation capabilities.

PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. It is developed by the Czech company JetBrains. It provides code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems (VCSes), and supports web development with Django as well as data science with Anaconda.

PyCharm Features

In this part, we will look powerful features of the PyCharm.

  • Q: 'How does PyCharm Edu differ from PyCharm Professional Edition or PyCharm Community Edition?' A: 'PyCharm Edu is based on the Community Edition and comprises all of its functionality. Additionally, it installs and detects Python during installation. It has a simpler UI (adjustable in settings) and adds a new 'Educational' project type.
  • With PyCharm Professional, you can also configure interpreters to execute your Python code on remote environments: SSH, Vagrant, WSL (only for Windows), Docker, and Docker Compose When you configure a Python interpreter, you need to specify the path to the Python executable in your system.

Intelligent Coding Assistance

PyCharm provides intelligent code editor which provides first class support for Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, CSS and language aware completion, error detection and on the fly code fix

Built-in Developer Tools

PyCharm provides a huge collection of tools out of the box like integrated debugger, test runner, Python profiler, built-in terminal, integration with major VCS like Git, SVN, Mercurial, remote development capabilities, integrated SSH terminal.

Web Development

In addition to the Python PyCharm provides support for different web frameworks and template, scripting and programming languages like JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, AngulaJS, Node.js and more.

Scientific Tools

PyCharm integrates with IPython Notebook which is an interactive Python console sports Anaconda and scientific packages including Matplotlib Conda integration.

Customizable and Cross-platform

PyCharm supports different operating system families like Windows, Linux, MacOS where single license key can be used for all of them. PyCharm has a customizable UI and over 50 plugins to make development experience better.

Professional Edition

Professional or Paid edition provides rich features for a fee. This version provides Scientific and Web Python development with HTML, JS and SQL support. Profession edition also provided as Free trial

Community Edition

Pycharm professional download

The community edition is provided without a fee. But there are some limitations like just support for Python. etc. There is no restriction about usage time like a trial.


PyCharm support different platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux etc. In this tutorial, we will download and install Windows. Following URL can be used to download PyCharm. Below there is two version Professional and Community.

In this case, we will download the Professional version where the installation is very same as the Community addition.


We will install PyCharm in a Next->Next Windows-style installation. The download file is named as pycharm-professional-2019.1.exe. We will start with the following screen which is Welcome to PyCharm Setup.

Next, we can set the Destination Folder of the PyCharm. By default, PyCharm is installed to the C:Program FilesJetBrainsPyCharm 2019.1.

Pycharm Professional Trial

We will see the following screen which provides Installation Options.

  • 64-bit launcher will install a 64-bit launcher which can be used for 64 bit operating systems.
  • Add 'Open Folder as Project' will add PyCharm Open Folder as Project to the right-click menu which makes it easy to open a PyCharm Project folder easily from File Explorer.
  • .py will associate py extensions with the PyCharm IDE to open and edit.
  • Add launchers dir to PATH will set the PATH variable of the Windows to be run launchers from PowerShell or MS-DOS.

As the shortcut will be put to the Start Menu we will specify the name which is JetBrains by default.

The installation process will copy the libraries, data files, executables etc like below.

After completion of the PyCharm installation, we will see the following screen where we can run and start PyCharm with the Run PyCharm like below.

Uninstall or Remove PyCharm

PyCharm and Windows provide the uninstall function we will learn both of them.

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Uninstall or Remove with PyCharm Installation File

Pycharm Professional Student

We will click to the PyCharm installation file which will show the following screen.

We will see following screen where we will just click to the Next

We will see the following screen for Uninstall old versions. This will list currently installed versions. We need to check the versions we want to uninstall or remove. Optionally we can do not delete settings and configuration from old versions by click checkbox below.

Pycharm Professional Pricing

When the removal of the PyCharm completed we will see the following screen which says Uninstallation Complete.

Uninstall or Remove From

From Windows Start by typing remove we will list Change or remove program where we will uninstall PyCharm.

From the opening Programs and Features screen, we will select JetBrains PyCharm and click Uninstall from above. We can also see information like version of the PyCharm and installation date.

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This will open the following screen where we can set if we want to delete PyCharm caches and local history or settings and installed plugins. Then we can click Uninstall from the following screen.

Professional Pycharm 2

When the installation is completed we will see the following screen.