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Got your PS4 or PS4 Pro/Slim, now in search of how to connect PS4 to tv PC Monitor to have excellent gaming experience. Therefore we are here with a detailed solution for you to connect PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim to any TVs (with/without HDMI Port or wirelessly). So let’s dive in for detailed step by step solutions instead of further talk.

Many Samsung customers complaining about the new TV plus feature since it interferes with regular TV channel surfing, potentially slows down your Samsung TV, and automatically streams content using your Internet without your knowledge. At this time, you can’t delete the TV Plus app, but you can remove all the streaming channels that came with.

Ways to connect PlayStation 4 to TV using HDMI

  1. Setup PS4 Remote Play on your Firestick. If you ever have trouble with who gets to use the TV that your PS4 is plugged into, you can always use Remote play, available now on any Android device, from phones, tablets, and even the Fire TV.
  2. PS Remote Play A PS5 console or PS4 console is required for Remote Play. With Remote Play, you can control your PlayStation® console remotely wherever you have a high-speed internet connection. Using the PS Remote Play app, you can control your PlayStation®5 console or PlayStation®4 console from a device in a different location.

Mainly two possibilities will be there which is wired or wireless. Firstly let’s take a look at how it is possible using the wired method.

PS4 gaming console comes with only HDMI Output, but not to worry if you have an older TV, you can skip the HDMI connection portion. Mostly all have modern TV because nowadays available at an affordable price. Moreover, all current TV comes with HDMI port, so it will be straightforward to connect PS4 console with TV contains HDMI Port. Just need the best quality HDMI Cable, which always comes in box. Before starting, make sure your Playstation 4 and TV are turned off.

1. Connect PS4 Gaming Console HDMI Output to one end of HDMI Cable

2. Connect another HDMI cable end to HDMI TV Port.

3. Plug in power cable to PS4 gaming Console Power it on .

4. Switch your HDMI TV input to HDMI mode by pressing Source / Inputs on TV remote.

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How to Mirror PlayStation 4 with TV without HDMI to Older TV Monitor

Though modern TVs are available at an affordable price, still some do have an old TV, which does not come with HDMI port. And thus, it is complicated to connect the latest gaming consoles to older tv.

As your TV PC Monitor does not have HDMI Port it must come with any of this VGA, Composite Port and/or DVI port. But PS4 only comes with HDMI port, so to connect without HDMI needs to have a converter that converts HDMI as per your requirement.

Method 1: Hook up using DVI to HDMI Converter / Cable

HDMI and DVI ports both works on Digital signals so there won’t be a quality issue. Might you know DVI does not support Audio signals but if you do have or planning to purchase soundbar with optical output then it will be the best method. All you need is HDMI to DVI Cable. It will also work if you have HDMI to DVI converter or DVI to HDMI converter.

1. Connect HDMI cable to PS4 HDMI output port and other end to DVI port of TV PC Monitor. But if you bought converter then have to connect other end converter & DVI to display or television.

2. Now turn on Display and select proper input and switch on PlayStation . All you can see Sony Logo on Display , even you can press volume up to test sound comes or not.

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Method 2 : Connect using HDMI to Composite Converter

Shortly, you are not planning to purchase soundbar then have to follow this method. All you need is HDMI Cable, HDMI to Composite Converter, and Composite Cable. You can find HDMI to Composite cable, but quality can’t be guaranteed, some also facing audio issues.

Ps4 Remote Play Samsung Tv

1. Connect HDMI Cable one end to PS4 and another end to HDMI to Composite Converter. Plug USB power cable to HDMI Converter which you receive with that converter .

Samsung Remote Tv

2. Plug Composite cable to TV and Converter as per color code.

3. Now turn on TV and select proper input. It’s done you are connected and can see Sony Logo.


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Method 3: How to Connect PS4 to PC Monitor VGA

Now let say you are interested in connecting it to PC Monitor, which has VGA port instead of HDMI port. Then all you need is HDMI to VGA converter, HDMI Switch, and VGA Cable along with HDMI Cable. HDMI Switch requires because sometimes PS4 doesn’t handshake directly to monitor using a converter. Likewise, VGA port does not support the Audio signal, but the adapter comes with a separate jack

1. Connect one end of VGA cable to TV and another one to HDMI to VGA adapter .

2. Plug Speaker / headphone audio jack to adapter.

3. Connect adapter HDMI end to HDMI Switch output.

4. Use HDMI switch power cable to power it up as PS4 can not provide power to switch.

5. Connect HDMI cable one end to Switch input and another to PS4.

6. Now turn on monitor and it’s done now you are connected to PC Monitor with VGA Port.

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Play PS4 games on TV Wireless

Samsung Ps 42d5s

You are one who does not love wires then, in other words, you have to choose this costly wireless method. For connecting PS4 to TV wireless, you require Sony PlayStation TV and follow steps shown in the video. Further, you can explore the Wireless Sony DualShock 4 controller to enjoy the wireless gaming experience.

Ps Remote Play Samsung Tv

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