Pycharm License For Students


Posted on March 31, 2014 by orbital

Pycharm Professional License for Orbital students. Posted on April 17. The folks behind PyCharm, the popular Python integrated development environment. Pycharm edition 2017.2 Life hack: Change the date and time provided by your system MaC/Win before hand from downloading the software. Set the time of expiry of the software to 10 years from now. Hi I have been using jetbrains products for last 1 year with student license. On 10th October 2017, my student licence expired and I got an email. I wanted to renew my license so I followed the lic. George says: December 16, 2015. Hi, I have a student license until May 2016 (on my student email). However, I’ve not really used any of the full applications (for educational purposes) because I’m working full time as a developer the past 1,5 year, so I’m using the community edition for developing at work.

As part of the Orbital summer programme, we will be engaging the wider industrial community to help guide you and let you experience what the real-world industry and development is like.

As part of this endeavor, we are pleased to let you know that JetBrains, the folks behind PyCharm, the popular Python integrated development environment (IDE), has decided to give NUS Orbital students a period license for their Professional version of PyCharm.


You may want to test-drive the IDE and see whether you’d like to use it. Of course, you’re not obligated to use it (it is third-party software and only a temporary license for you to use during the course, but if you find it useful, please go ahead and use it.

Details will be posted in the Piazza forum (where it’s private to our class).

Jetbrains Student License

(Disclaimer: Neither NUS or SoC officially endorse this product or company; it is an option for you to use if you find useful).