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Recording Clubhouse Without a Rodecaster Pro. Audition, Pro Tools, or Studio One (just as a few examples). If we’re recording clubhouse, we need to connect the phone to the audio interface device (from here, AID) so that it can be captured as an audio source. But your iPhone isn’t an XLR microphone, and it won’t naturally connect to an. I've sat down at my PC and launched Audition, opened a new multi-track session with a template for the Rodecaster Pro's many tracks, but as soon as the program has launched, all sounds from my PC stop. The visualizer on the device shows no input from the PC, and Audition doesn't show anything on the visualizer in the mixer tab either.

  1. Rodecaster Pro Updates
  2. Using Rodecaster Pro With Audition

Public Beta Firmware Version 2.1.2

Public beta firmware version 2.1.2 is now live! If you would like to take part in this public beta program, please download and install using the links below.

Beta firmware version 2.1.2 comes with MIDI support, new sound pad modes ('Profanity button' & 'Trash-talk' Mode) and the option to change the language across the companion app and RØDECaster Pro.

Rodecaster Pro Updates

NOTE: This version of the firmware is a public beta and is not fully supported. As such, we don't recommend it for critical projects.

Download beta firmware version 2.1.2 here:

Rodecaster Pro Audition

Using Rodecaster Pro With Audition

RØDECaster Pro Version 2.1.2B (Mac).zip

For help in setting up with the MIDI function in beta firmware version 2.1.2, check out the walkthroughs below:

For the new ASIO driver for Windows, see the below download file:


For help in setting up and using the new ASIO Driver for the RØDECaster Pro, see the walkthrough below:

Installing and Using the RØDECaster Pro Windows ASIO Driver.pdf