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How to add tasks in Todoist using only the keyboard. In either one of these windows, it is possible to add a task, with a project, label, priority, and date – all without using the mouse. Here is how: Hit Q on your keyboard to bring up the window. Type in the task. Hit the space-key, after that #. This brings up your project list. Grocery Shopping List - Best Practices? I feel like a moron asking this, but I'm a new Todoist user (been using Trello for everything in the past). One of the best features of Trello was to create a 'card' (task) and then put checklists under it. Choose your Grocery or shopping list on Todoist and Alexa sends it over. Amazon Alexa: Item added to your Shopping List. Todoist: Create task.





Shopping List Todoist


Shopping List Todoist



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Manage your Todoist tasks on any Amazon Echo device hands-free with a little help from Alexa — the voice-controlled Amazon assistant that turns your words into actions. With simple voice commands, you can ask Alexa to add new tasks to your Todoist, update your shopping list, or read out the tasks on your lists. Whether you’re driving or cooking, cycling or rushing between meetings, Alexa helps you manage your list your way.

All of that is as easy as saying 'Hey Alexa.'



Shopping List Todoist Online

  • Find out what’s next on your list by simply asking Alexa — who will read it to you.

  • Stay organized, even while on-the-go by adding and scheduling tasks into Todoist with your voice.

  • Sync your Shopping and To-do lists in Alexa and Todoist — so everything stays up to date on both!

  • Check things off your list with a simple, “Alexa, complete buy coffee.”

  • Add the @Alexa label in Todoist to sync any of those tasks to your Alexa To-do list.