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  1. Syncing allows the Evernote service to run powerful text recognition on your Penultimate Notebooks, which makes them searchable for handwritten text both inside Penultimate and within Evernote. Note: For immediate changes to reflect in Evernote, manually sync Penultimate by tapping the account info button at the top of the screen, then tapping.
  2. If you ever need to keep notes synchronized with all your devices, you need Evernote. Evernote also works and synchronize's great with Samsung Galaxy Note S.

A new Galaxy Note wouldn't be complete without some new note-taking features. Today, Samsung unveiled a refreshed Notes app that will sync with Microsoft's infinitely more popular OneNote platform. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Samsung Notes. This video shows how to sync S Note's with Evernote on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is very handy if you want to view notes created with S Note on Everno.

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How To Download Evernote Notes

A new Galaxy Note wouldn't be complete without some new note-taking features. Today, Samsung unveiled a refreshed Notes app that will sync with Microsoft's infinitely more popular and powerful OneNote app. (According to The Verge, the sync only goes one way, so you won't get OneNote files inside the Samsung Notes app.) It should also play nice with Outlook, making it simpler to email a quick doodle or use a handwritten signature. Samsung's own Reminders app, meanwhile, will sync with Outlook, Microsoft To-Do (its replacement for Wunderlist) and its Slack competitor Microsoft Teams.

In addition, the new Samsung Notes app will let you capture scribbles and audio simultaneously. That means you can return to the note later, tap on something you've written and immediately jump to that point in the audio recording. We've seen this feature before in other note-taking applications such as Microsoft OneNote and Notability. Still, it should be a welcome addition for people who carry a Note phone and want a permanent record of their classes and meetings.

According to Samsung, the Notes app will straighten out your handwriting and keep everything organized in a new, simplified folder system. You'll also be able to annotate and highlight PDF files without downloading any extra software. All of these features will be available on the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra smartphones, as well as Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Android tablets.

Will they be enough to convert S-Pen sceptics? Or discourage them from buying an iPad, which is getting its own Pencil-centric upgrades in iPadOS 14? Maybe. The bigger challenge, I suspect, is getting S-Pen owners to use Samsung Notes as their primary note-taking app on a laptop or PC. Note syncing with Microsoft OneNote is a welcome addition, but suggests that Samsung is aware it can't compete with Evernote, Notion and other go-to apps on desktop.

During the announcement event for the Galaxy Note 20 one of the features I was most interested in was the ability to synchronize Samsung Notes with OneNote. Samsung Notes has the screen off memo function that OneNote can’t match. The problem is, when I’ve used it to jot down something quick that information ends up isolated from the rest of my repository.

For the longest time Samsung’s solution was to install their Note app on your PC. The PC version of Samsung Notes is a decent experience but lacks the integrations with other Office software that OneNote enjoys. There’s also no easy method to migrate from OneNote to Samsung Notes, both reasons kept me from using the software.

Now, the newest version of Samsung Notes on your Galaxy will synchronize to your Microsoft 365 account. The synched data can only be viewed in the Outlook web client at the moment. However, if you have selected to be an Office Insider you can see that Microsoft is building the framework for the OneNote feed to show Samsung Notes, it already appears as a non-functioning option.

UPDATE: The synchronized notes are viewable in OneNote now. See my newest post on this subject for more information.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to upgrade both apps. Open the Galaxy Store app on your mobile and tap the hamburger menu, then tap updates and install the newest version of, well, everything. The same goes for your PC, open the Windows Store and click the … menu in the upper right. Choose Downloads and Updates then click the Get Updates button and install everything.

Samsung Notes Sync To Onedrive

Now configure the Samsung Notes app on your mobile device. Open it and hit the options icon again. You should now see “Sync to Microsoft OneNote Beta”, toggle it on and sign in with the Microsoft Account you want to share notes with. You’ll also need to select the folders who’s notes you to sync. I recommend tapping the sync now button just for good measure.

To see the synchronized notes, sign-in to with the same account that you configured in Samsung Notes. In the upper right, click the OneNote feed icon. The OneNote Feed pane will slide open from the right. Click a note to see more of it and to get an option to copy it to the clipboard. Right now I find that copying a Samsung Note in this manner and pasting it to a blank OneNote page is the optimal way to use the tool.

Samsung Notes Not Syncing To Onenote

We know that Microsoft and Samsung have plans to enhance this feature in the near future. The Note Feed is present in the insider edition of the Windows 10 OneNote app and Samsung Notes is an option in it although it doesn’t work yet. Hopefully they’ll get to a point where the Samsung Notes become pages in OneNote but we’ll have to wait and see.