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Use Todoist with your calendar With calendar feeds you can see all your scheduled Todoist tasks inside your favorite calendar app: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and any other calendar that allows you to subscribe with a URL feed. Use this template to kickstart your content calendar. Add tasks for each piece of content you’re planning to release, set the right due dates and drag the task to the correct month. If necessary, share the project with your collaborators and assign tasks to them. The classic email, calendar, contacts, and tasks manager used by corporations worldwide. Use with Exchange Server to automatically sync data to mobile devices. Supports sub projects, notes, contexts, mail-to-action, native support for files, and an integration with Dropbox, and Google Drive. If you really want to use Outlook calendar as well you can just log into your Google account on the calendar app and it will automatically sync. NINJA EDIT: Oh, to answer your question. There is an add-on that will automatically add your Todoist tasks to your Google calendar and if your sync the Outlook app will update as well.

Free up your mental space

Regain clarity and calmness by getting all those tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list (no matter where you are or what device you use).

. The feature of 2 way sync with Google Calendar is great. I can easily schedule my task and plan my day in a calendar, without even have to open Todoist. Being able to create new sub-calendar in your calendar for each project in Todoist, is even better. You can create sub-tasks in sub-task in a.

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Todoist And Outlook Calendar

Add Todoist To Outlook 365

I literally couldn’t do my job or even manage all the business of being a fully functioning parent and spouse without Todoist.

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As a software engineer, it’s useful to break down big projects into smaller tasks, and Todoist is perfect for that purpose.
I kept track of all my school tasks in Todoist and, in 2016, I became the first one in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree.
Todoist has revolutionized the way we run our small business by helping us simplify projects and coordinate tons of details.
Todoist and outlook calendar 2019

Trevor Stephens

General Manager at Topline Builders
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Todoist gave us the focus to scale our company from 2 to 75 employees, $12M in VC financing, and 350+ happy enterprise customers.
Todoist helps me organize all my writing projects. And that makes it an indispensable tool both in business and in life.

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Pleexy creates tasks in your Todoist from emails with follow-up flags in your Outlook account. Pleexy can synchronize due dates and automatically remove follow-up flags from your emails when you complete tasks in your Todoist.

After you connect Outlook as a source service, use Pleexy’s customization options to integrate Outlook and Todoist exactly the way you want. First, navigate to the page where you can change settings:

  1. From the Pleexy dashboard, inside the Outlook card, click Details.

  2. Click Edit settings.

On this page, you can customize the connection's name. You can also adjust the settings for Source, Destination, Tasks, and Actions. Let’s walk through your options for each.

Source settings

Source means the Outlook folders where Pleexy will pick the tasks to add to your Todoist. Pleexy only takes emails marked for follow-up from your Outlook account. You have three options for which Outlook folders Pleexy will check:

  • Inbox only: Pleexy only checks your Outlook Inbox folder.

  • All folders: Pleexy checks all your Outlook folders.

  • Select folders: Pleexy checks only the Outlook folders you select.
    Note: If you create a new folder in Outlook, click Refresh in the drop-down menu to reload the list of folders.

Next, set a date range to tell Pleexy to ignore Outlook emails that you consider out-of-date. For example, if you enter ‘60,’ Pleexy will ignore emails marked for follow-up that haven’t been updated in the last 60 days.

Pleexy combines your settings for these two filters. For example, if you choose Inbox only and enter 30 days, Pleexy will search for emails marked for follow-up that meet both requirements:

In the Inbox folder

+ Updated less than 30 days ago

Destination settings

Destination means where Pleexy will create tasks in your Todoist. You have two destination options:

  • Create all tasks in one project: Create all tasks in the same Todoist project. Click the drop-down menu to select the Todoist project to use.
    Note: If you want Pleexy to create tasks in a new Todoist project, log in to your Todoist and create the new project there. Back in your Pleexy settings, in the project drop-down menu, click Refresh to update the list of projects.

  • Use an individual project for each folder: Create tasks from each Outlook folder in a different Todoist project. Click the drop-down menu to select the root Todoist project to use. Pleexy will create individual projects within the root project you select for the tasks from each Outlook folder.
    Note: If a project with the same name already exists in the root project you select, Pleexy will use it instead of creating a new project. This way, Pleexy can combine tasks from different source services in the same project. For example, Pleexy will create tasks from a “Development” folder in Outlook and a “Development” board in Trello in a single root project.

Task settings

In the Task settings, you can specify how Pleexy will name and group tasks in your Todoist.

Under Task title template, use macros to customize how Pleexy names your tasks. For Outlook integrations, five elements are available for task names: {subject}, {sender}, {date_received}, {due_date}, and {folder}.

As you change your task title template, Pleexy shows how your changes will look in a live example under the template field. You can combine the macro elements however you want, as long as you get the formatting correct. Here are some ideas:

  • {subject} from {sender}, due on {due_date}

  • Reply to email from {sender} about {subject}

  • Received on {date_received}; due on {due_date}: {subject} from {sender}

Note: If you manually edit a task title in Todoist, Pleexy won’t update or change your edited title.

Todoist And Outlook Calendar 2020

Under Synchronize due date, you have four options for how Pleexy handles your changes to task due dates:

  1. From Outlook to Todoist: when due date changes in Outlook, change it in Todoist

  2. Both in Outlook and Todoist: when due date changes in one place, change it in the other

  3. From Todoist to Outlook: when due date changes in Todoist, change it in Outlook

  4. Do not sync: do not synchronize due dates between emails and tasks

You can toggle-on the Set task’s priority option. With this option, Pleexy synchronizes each task’s priority in Todoist according to the corresponding email’s priority in Outlook.

And you can toggle-on Add email’s Body to the task in Todoist if you want Pleexy to add the body of your Outlook emails to task comments in Todoist.

Action settings

Action settings let you control what happens in Outlook and Todoist when you delete and complete tasks—on both sides of the integration!

First, tell Pleexy what should happen in Todoist when you delete an email in Outlook. Click the drop-down to select one option:

  • Delete corresponding task: Pleexy should delete the corresponding task in Todoist

  • Do not touch task: Pleexy should leave the corresponding task in Todoist

Second, specify what should happen in Todoist when you complete a follow-up flag in Outlook. Click the drop-down menu to select one option:

  • Complete corresponding task: Pleexy should mark the corresponding task as complete in Todoist

  • Do not touch task: Pleexy should not mark the corresponding task as complete in Todoist

Third, tell Pleexy what should happen in Outlook when you complete a task in Todoist. Click the drop-down menu to select one option:

Todoist Ical

  • Mark follow-up as complete: Pleexy should mark the corresponding follow-up flag as complete in Outlook

  • Do not touch email: Pleexy should not mark the corresponding follow-up flag as complete in Outlook

Todoist And Outlook Calendars

Don’t forget to scroll down and click Save changes when you’re finished customizing!