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If a child attends a Title I school that has been identified by the state for school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring, parents can choose to send the child to another public school that is not so identified. Districts must let parents know each year if their child is eligible to transfer to another school, and districts must give parents more than one transfer option if more than one exists. Districts must pay for students' transportation costs, giving priority to low-income, low-achieving students if there are not enough funds available to pay for all students.

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In addition, the Voluntary Public School Choice Program supports efforts to establish or expand intradistrict, interdistrict, and open enrollment public school choice programs to provide parents, particularly parents whose children attend low-performing public schools, with expanded education options.

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  • Public School Choice Guidance
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  • Innovations in Education: Creating Strong District School Choice Programs
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  • Magnet Schools of America MSA is a national nonprofit professional education association whose members are schools and school districts. The association represents and, is a resource to, magnet schools, parents, teachers, school boards, administrators, business leaders, community organizations and institutions of higher education.
  • The ANCC Magnet Recognition Program was created for health care organizations who truly value nursing talent. Magnet Recognition is not merely an award, or a badge of honor. It is steadfast proof of a hard-earned commitment to excellence in health care, with contented nurses at its heart.
  • Magnet Development Program, led by Berkeley Lab, aggressively pursues the development of superconducting accelerator magnets that operate as closely as possible to the fundamental limits.
  • For a given size magnet, strength and temperature resistance can vary depending on the magnetic material. The easiest way to compare magnets is by their Pull Strength, or how much they can lift. Pull strength is influenced by Maximum Energy Product and Flux Density— for both of these, a higher number indicates a stronger magnet.