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The Input System represents mouse input with the Mouse Device layout that the Mouse class implements. Mice are based on the Pointer layout.

Mouse Look activates when a Mouse Button is held down and so the Camera rotates according to Mouse movement whether the Player's Position is changing or not; It almost works except that I cannot seem to reset the Mouse Look to its first ever pre-defined setting. After the Player releases the Mouse Button, the code for #1 kicks in and so the. Unity - Gameobject look at mouse. Ask Question Asked 5 years ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 20k times 5. I've ran into a problem. The basic setup I have. Shows setup for mouselook script.script:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kieNsPKH4Sgt9wyzmSxEKbOs8rLlQ8Je/view?usp=sharing.

To query the last used or last added mouse, use Mouse.current.

Note: The Input System does not currently support:

  • Input from multiple mice at the platform level.
  • Identifying the current display a mouse is on.


In addition to the Controls inherited from Pointer, Mouse devices implement the following Controls:

leftButtonButtonControlThe left mouse button. Same as the inherited Pointer.press.
rightButtonButtonControlThe right mouse button.
middleButtonButtonControlThe middle mouse button.
forwardButtonButtonControlUsed for other mouse buttons where applicable.
backButtonButtonControlUsed for other mouse buttons where applicable.
clickCountIntegerControlA Control which lets you read the number of consecutive clicks the last mouse click belonged to, as reported by the OS. Use this to distinguish double- or multi-clicks.
scrollVector2ControlThe input from the mouse scrolling control expressed as a delta in pixels since the last frame. Can come from a physical scroll wheel, or from touchpad gestures.

Cursor warping

Unity Mouse Look

On desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and UWP), you can move the mouse cursor via code. Note that this moves the system's actual mouse cursor, not just Unity's internally-stored mouse position. This means that the user sees the cursor jumping to a different position, which is generally considered to be bad UX practice. It's advisable to only do this if the cursor is hidden (see the Cursor API documentation for more information).

To move the cursor to a different position, use Mouse.WarpCursorPosition. The coordinates are expressed as Unity screen coordinates, just like Mouse.position.

Unity Look At Mouse Position

Note: If the cursor is locked, warping the mouse position is only temporary and Unity resets the cursor to the center of the window every frame.

Unity Mouse Look

End of support for UnityScript

Starting with Unity 2018.2, support for UnityScript (Unity's version of JavaScript) has ended. C# is now the only supported language going forward. You can learn more about the reasons for this change here. There is an official UnityScript-to-C# Automatic Conversion tool to help those wanting to transition their UnityScript projects over to C#.

How To Lock Cursor Unity


Unity Mouse Look Movement

This is a modified version of the C# MouseLook script in the Standard Assets. It's been converted to Javascript and using Keys to adjust the Look direction has been added. You will want to modify it for use - ie using a Key to look up while using the Mouse to look down at the same time will cause some problems. Deleting the KeyLook functions (and their invokes in Update) and taking the transforms out of the if statements will leave you with a JS version of MouseLook.

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