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Is there a way to Execute javascript and display the results using Visual Studio Code?

Try using $ in a.js file. If you move your cursor near the warning, a light-bulb will appear. Either with Ctrl+. Or by clicking on it, a code action will be proposed that will download and add a /// reference to jquery.d.ts that will give you all the nice IntelliSense for jQuery. Now we will see, how to give jQuery reference in a visual web part in SharePoint 2010/2013/2016. Add jQuery in a visual web part in SharePoint. Follow the below steps to add jQuery in a visual web part in SharePoint. The screenshots are from visual studio 2010, but it will work the same way in SharePoint 2013/2016. Visual Studio Code supports many features for JavaScript and Node.js development. The features that ship with the downloaded product are the core features: debugging, IntelliSense, code navigation, etc. In addition, to these core features, you can install a large number of quality extensions to add features to VS Code for JavaScript development.

Search results for 'jquery', Visual Studio Code on The version of jQuery as of this writing is jQuery 1.2.6 and can be downloaded from here. Update 1 An updated version of jQuery 1.7 has been released. JQuery 1.7 (regular) or jQuery 1.7 (minified) and jQuery 1.7 Visual Studio Autocomplete documentation. So wherever you see 1.2.6 mentioned in the rest of this article, just replace it with 1.7.

For example a script file containing

I assume that nodejs would be needed but can’t work out how to do it?

EDIT: By “Visual Studio Code” I mean the new Code editor from Microsoft – Not code written using Visual Studio


This solution intends to run currently open file in node and show output in VSCode.

I had the same question and found newly introduced tasks useful for this specific use case. It is a little hassle, but here is what I did:

Create a .vscode directory in the root of you project and create a tasks.json file in it. Add this task definition to the file:

Run js visual studio code

Then you can:
press F1 > type `run task` > enter > select `runFile` > enter
to run your task, but I found it easier to add a custom key binding for opening tasks lists.

To add the key binding, in VSCode UI menu, go ‘Code’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’. Add this to your keyboard shortcuts:

Of course you can select whatever you want as key combination.


Visual Studio Code Install Jquery

Assuming you are running the JavaScript code to test it, you could mark your task as a test task by setting its isTestCommand property to true and then you can bind a key to the workbench.action.tasks.test command for a single-action invocation.

In other words, your tasks.json file would now contain:

…and your keybindings.json file would now contain:


There is a much easier way to run JavaScript, no configuration needed:

  1. Install the Code Runner Extension
  2. Open the JavaScript code file in Text Editor, then use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N, or press F1 and then select/type Run Code, the code will run and the output will be shown in the Output Window.

Besides, you could select part of the JavaScript code and run the code snippet. Very convenient!


The shortcut for the integrated terminal is (ctrl+`), then type node <filename>.

Alternatively you can create a task. This is the only code in my tasks.json:

From here create a shortcut. This is my keybindings.json:

This will open ‘run’ in the Command Pallete, but you still have to type or select with the mouse the task you want to run, in this case node. The second shortcut toggles the output panel, there’s already a shortcut for it but these keys are next to each other and easier to work with.


Well, to simply run the code and show the output on the console you can create a task and execute it, pretty much as @canerbalci mentions.

Visual Studio Code Jquery Is Not Defined

The downside of this is that you will only get the output and thats it.

Visual Studio Code Vs Visual Studio Community

What I really like to do is to be able to debug the code, lets say Im trying to solve a small algorithm or trying a new ES6 feature, and I run it and there is something fishy with it, I can debug it inside VSC.

So, instead of creating a task for it, I modified the .vscode/launch.json file in this directory as follows:

What this does is that it will launch whichever file you are currently on, within the debugger of VSC. Its set to stop on start.

To launch it, press F5 key, in the file you want to debug.

Visual Studio Code Jquery


It’s very simple, when you create a new file in VS Code and run it, if you already don’t have a configuration file it creates one for you, the only thing you need to setup is the “program” value, and set it to the path of your main JS file, looks like this:


I used Node Exec, no config needed, builds the file that you are currently ending or what ever has been selected and outputs inside of VSCode.

With a bit of config you can add Babel to do some on the fly transpiling too.

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