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When I opened it in Visual Studio, it allowed me to rebuild but not to run nor debug (the menu option didn't appear and the Ctrl + F5 didn't work). What I did to make it work again was right-click over the solution, into the Visual Studio 'Solution Explorer' tree tab in the right, where all the files of your project appear, and select properties. Once you have your launch configuration set, start your debug session with F5. Alternatively you can run your configuration through the Command Palette (⇧⌘P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+P)), by filtering on Debug: Select and Start Debugging or typing 'debug ', and selecting the configuration you want to debug. Note: Projects should be run using F5 or the Debug menu for full debugging functionality. Running from the built-in terminal will not provide all features. Install from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace or by searching within VS Code. Please see the Flutter documentation for using VS Code. Reporting Issues. In this post we are going to talk about yet another very basic, simple topic but seems confusing among many beginners – ‘Start Debugging (F5) ’ vs. ‘Start without Debugging (Ctrl + F5)’. In Visual Studio, we have seen these two menu items one after other under the Debug menu. There are lot of confusion around ‘when to use what’ or even ‘why we have two different option for.


  • Visual Studio 2019 16.3 or later, with:

    • Universal Windows Platform workload installed.
    • Mobile development with .NET (Xamarin) workload installed.
      • the iOS Remote Simulator installed (for iOS development)
      • A working Mac with Visual Studio for Mac, XCode 8.2 or later installed (for iOS development)
      • Google's Android x86 emulators or a physical Android device (for Android development)
    • ASP.NET and web workload installed, along with .NET Core 2.2 (for WASM development)
    • .NET Core SDK
      • .NET Core 3.1 SDK (version 3.1.8 (SDK 3.1.402) or later)
      • .NET Core 5.0 SDK (version 5.0 (SDK 5.0.100) or later)

For more information about these prerequisites, see Installing Xamarin. For information about connecting Visual Studio to a Mac build host, see Pair to Mac for Xamarin.iOS development.


Installing the Uno Platform Solution Templates with Visual Studio

  1. Launch Visual Studio, then click Continue without code. Click Extensions -> Manage Extensions from the Menu Bar.

  2. In the Extension Manager expand the Online node and search for Uno Platform Templates, install the Uno Platform Solution Templates extension or download it from the Visual Studio Marketplace extension, then restart Visual Studio.

Create an application from the solution template

To easily create a multi-platform application:

  • Create a new C# solution using the Cross-Platform App (Uno Platform) template, from Visual Studio's Start Page:
  • Update to the latest NuGet package named Uno.UI. To get the very latest features, check the pre-release box.
  • To debug the iOS head, select the Debug iPhoneSimulator configuration
  • To debug the Android head, select the Debug AnyCPU configuration
  • To debug the UWP head, select the Debug x86 configuration
  • To run the WebAssembly (Wasm) head, select IIS Express and press Ctrl+F5 or choose 'Start without debugging' from the menu. Note that F5 will not work because Visual Studio debugging isn't supported. See here for debugging instructions through Chrome.

Make sure XAML Intellisense is enabled

Intellisense is supported in XAML when the UWP head is active:

If XAML Intellisense isn't working on a freshly-created project, try the following steps:

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut List

  1. Build the UWP head.
  2. Close all XAML documents.
  3. Close and reopen Visual Studio.
  4. Reopen XAML documents.
Visual Studio Ctrl F5

Video Tutorial

Visual Studio Ctrl F5

Troubleshooting Visual Studio and Uno Platform Installation Issues

Visual Studio Ctrl F5 Software

You may encounter installation and/or post-installation Visual Studio issues for which workarounds exist. Please see Common Issues we have documented.

Getting Help

Visual Studio Ctrl F5 Mac

If you continue experiencing issues with Visual Studio and Uno Platform, please visit our Discord - #uno-platform channel or StackOverflow where our engineering team and community will be able to help you.